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9.11 investigation

Pull WTC-7

WTC-7 was PULLED, brought down by controled demolition.
This is no shit.
You really have to go to the link and read this.

homepage: homepage: http://www.prisonplanet.com/011904wtc7.html

This is something you should hear 24.Jan.2004 22:41


This two hour Rense program is really worth listening to.

SEE ALSO 25.Jan.2004 00:58


THE "CONTROLLED" COLLAPSE OF WTC-7 [lots of excellent video here]

cutter charges in Building 7

FEMA Report on WTC 7 is a JOKE.

War on terror a total sham 25.Jan.2004 02:16

me and 6 billion others

thanks for the links

The First 25.Jan.2004 07:39


lnk is no longer active. Since all the additional comments have been so breif can the original poster or someone that has visited that link while it was still up tell what's goingn on?

Demolishing evidence: Update on WTC 7 25.Jan.2004 10:05


January 20, 2004

"The Twin Towers AND WTC 7 are the only known
cases of total structural collapse where fires
played a significant role."

Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr. Director
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Demolishing evidence: Update on WTC 7

Two years ago, I wrote about the strange
collapse of WTC 7.

It was not struck by an passenger jetliner,
yet it collapsed like a house of cards
at 5:20 PM on September 11, 2001

It was the third modern steel frame building
ever to do so, the first two being WTC 1 and
WTC 2 earlier in the day.

The FEEMA explanation: fire damage. Again,
never before in history has such a thing
happened and that includes steel-framed
buildings that have burned for days.

Some noteworthy things about WTC 7.

1. WTC 7 housed the largest CIA station
in the United States outside of Washington

That according to a report from the AP.

2. In addition to the CIA, WTC 7 also housed
the NYC offices of the IRS, FBI, and SEC.

3. Many months later, a government source was
quoted in the mainstream press saying that
the records stored in these offices - including
years of evidence files - were, for the most part,
lost without back up.

Evidence files that were part of active investigations
into such things as organized crime, bank and securities
fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism.
That kind of thing.

4. Only one video of the collapse of this building
exists and it was shot by accident by an NBC news

5. Unlike the collapse of WTC 1 and WTC 2 this footage
was only shown once - as it was shot live by accident -
and then never shown again.

6. The building fell perfectly as if it had been demolished
by controlled explosions.

7. I've already mentioned that FEEMA attributed the
collapse to fire - a first in history.

I didn't need a brick to fall on me to realize what
happened, but now there is drop dead solid confirmation:

WTC 7 was deliberately demolished, or 'pulled' in the
parlance of demolition experts.

Who's the source?

None other than the nominal owner of the building
Larry Silverstein.

You can hear him say it right here:


He gave the OK when asked for permission by the
FDNY. That's his story.

Why was WTC 7 demolished on 9-11-01?

Here's the rest of the cover story:

Because it was on fire and resources for fighting
the fire were scarce.

OK, fair enough.

But a few questions:

1. Why was the collapse of this building with its
important tenants never news, even when dramatic
TV footage existed documenting the event. Why would
NBC not take advantage of their video scoop.

2. Why did FEEMA issue a technical report claiming
that the building collapsed due to fire when that
was not true?

3. And here's the kicker...

The building is on fire. It's too far gone to put
the fire out. Right?

Then WHO placed the charges and HOW did they get in
the burning building to do their work and then get
out safely in the midst of total chaos?

Sounds like a highly dramatic story. Heroic even.
Something well worth reporting...

...if it happened that way.

Question: What demolition company could you call on to
go into Ground Zero when it was just a few hours old
and enter a building supposedly burning out of control
to set charges to demolish it?

And where are these heroic men today?

And how long does it take to wire a building for
demolition anyway? Can your start around noon on
very short notice and be ready to push the button
for a picture perfect collapse by 5:20 PM under even
the very best of circumstances?

If the charges were not set in the early afternoon of 9-11
on an emergency basis, then when WERE they set?

As Sherlock Holmes said:

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth."

The 'improbable' truth? WTC 7 was already wired for demolition
BEFORE the first plane hit.

Now if that's true, think of the can of worms that's
just been opened.

Remember, there's no longer any question any more that explosive
charges brought down WTC 7. That part of the debate is over.

Now let's look at the logic of the cover story through
a slightly finer lens...

What's easier? Putting out a fire or going into
a building, supposedly burning out of control, and
setting demolition charges?

If the fire were as bad as they say it was, how could
the demolition experts have gotten in? If the wasn't
that bad, then why demolish the building?

(I've seen some reports that the fire was no big deal,
but given the mystifying refusal of NYC to release the
on-the-ground observations of FDNY personnel from that day,
it's hard to know for sure.)

Anyway, why did FEEMA issue an elaborately false report when
all they had to do was ask the owner and the FDNY what

The bottom line:

A huge pile of evidence in which the Bush family
and Bush family associates were no doubt prominently
mentioned was conveniently and permanently wiped
off the face of the earth when WTC 7 fell on 9-11.

The building was demolished, seemingly without good
cause. The event itself was completely blocked from
public awareness. FEEMA went through great pains to
publish a completely false account. And it looks like
the charges had to already be in place BEFORE the
first plane hit.

Get it?


Well Duh 25.Jan.2004 12:17

Bush is a murderer

Of course WTC7 was deliberately pulled. Bush,et.al., set all this crap up.See, all the humons killed at ground zero had to work for a living so they couldn't possibly be friends of his so why the hell should he care? The evidence is overwhelming. King G sits in the White House, a bloody murderer. He belongs in prison or on the end of a needle,like his victims in Texas. He is insane. Maybe the Christians are right and if so, he's got to be the Antichrist. Jesus,Buddha,Krishna,Mohammed,Abraham,Goddess, where are you when we NEED you?

On time arrivial 25.Jan.2004 17:25


WTC-7 had to be 'pulled' it, like the other two towers, was wired to go. The problem with WTC-7 was the airplane that was going to cause the 'event' was running late in a crater in PA. The most amazing thing about the Kennedy assassination was the American people brought the Warren Commission on the 1963 coupe. Once that went unchallenged it became open season.

I saw the live video feed as it happened 27.Jan.2004 02:54


the newscasters were aghast.

they couldn't believe that - several hours after the main towers had collapsed - an adjacent , much smaller building which was further away from the impacts collapsed in an identical manner.

and neither could I.

at that point on that day, everyone was - rightly - still shellshocked and bewildered by the 'pancaking' demolition-style collapse (and if anyone remembers, a phenomenon the newscaster folks were at a *total loss* to explain . . .) of the WTC Towers four hours earlier.

but watching WTC 7 come down all by itself, accompanied by demolition explosive noises and lots of smoke left the newscasters with little comment whatsoever. they basically just shut the **** up.

A few of them couldn't even decide whether the building itself **had** been deliberately demolished for "safety reasons" in the wake of the main towers' collapse

(as if - assuming 9.11 was a *total* emergency that no-one - least of all GWB and Condoleeza Rice - had prepared for - some ****ing "demolition crews" were gonna have all kinds of extra time to be going around "demolishing"---can you imagine the extra effort required just to plant such charges in the midst of that chaos [assuming they weren't *already* there . . . ]????---adjacent buildings for "safety reasons" in the middle of the shitstorm that was then occurring)

or whether it just "collapsed on its own" . . .

read and study above article links for your own good -

the whole goddamn 9.11.01 has stunk to high heaven from Day 1 . . .