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Free concerts for Kucinich

The Free Concerts for Kucinich series is beginning!
Start one in your area eh?

Come to the Festival of Peace in Durham, N.H., on Sunday!

Sunday evening at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, celebrated guitarist Tim Reynolds will headline a concert for the Dennis Kucinich campaign and join Dennis on stage.

The event is being billed as the Festival for Peace and will also feature Manas of Spearhead, New York break dancers Ground Effects, Boston DJs Special Blend, G Natorious, and Cosmo, and many local bands.

Also participating will be actress, activist and Kucinich supporter Mimi Kennedy -- best known as Dharma's mother on "Dharma and Greg," and the founder of the noted children's rights organization Children of the Earth Nina Lynn Meyerhof.

The Festival is being organized by and will feature the Democreation Project.

The event is sponsored by the College Democrats of the University of New Hampshire.

When: Sunday January 25, 4 p.m. to 12 midnight - Kucinich and Reynolds on stage after 9 p.m.
Where: University of New Hampshire - Memorial Union - Granite State Room, Durham, NH
How to Get In: Show up. Bring $4. Bring at least four undecided registered voters (optional but recommended).

In addition to the entertainment, the event will have literature booths and exhibits from the University of New Hampshire School of the Office of Sustainability, University of New Hampshire Bio Diesel Department, University of New Hampshire Recycling Department, Rock the Vote, The Feminist Majority Foundation, local artists and more. Organic food will also be available.

Dennis and Tim
Tim says: "I believe Dennis Kucinich is the only clear voice for peace and compassion in an otherwise hopeless, fake, made for TV political arena. He is truly the embodiment of what a caring public servant can be, a man of principal above politics".