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Hezbollah S.G. Remarks on Al-Quds International Day

What we have said a few years ago, what some brethren are saying now in Palestine, such as religious scientists and leaders in Palestine and in the Arab and Isworld is that this entity [Israel] is an exterminating and doomed entity tha twill not survive.
Some people are calling us from the different regions of the Arab world and saying they want to go to Palestine to fight. In Palestine, there are thousands of self-sacrificing fighters and hundreds of thousands of fighters as well as tens of thousands who adore martyrdom. These are the young men and women. Therefore, I say to these volunteers, if you have money send it to a young man or to a family in Palestine, for this family to rebuild its house or for this man to go to the university. This way life will continue. Money can be sent to buy weapons, explosives and to train a self-sacrificing or ordinary fighter. Yes, this can be done and "Israel" will not be able to prevent this money from reaching the Palestinians. This money can truly reach.

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Al-Quds International Day :::Special Edition::: 2003

In PDF:  http://indybay.org/uploads/al-quds_international_day_observed.22nov03.pdf