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Will Bush play the Bioterror Card?

here is reposting of comment's by Lori R. Price in WILL BUSH PLAY THE BIOTERROR CARD?

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Forwarded with Compliments of Government of the USA in Exile (GUSAE): Free Americans Resisting the Fourth Reich on Behalf of All Species.

Will Bush Play the Bioterror Card? --by Lori R. Price

Dictator Bush spent quite a bit of time during his State of disUnion speech talking about the need to extend the Patriot Act, and Karl Rove is enduring reports of people declaring that they are selecting their Democratic candidate in caucuses and primaries with only ONE criterion: to get rid of George W. Bush in November.

Now, the Bush-Rove terrorists can't stage another 9-11, a new act of Bush terrorism would lend credibility to his opponents' mantra that we are not safer since Saddam Hussein was 'captured'. So, my thought here on how Bush would be able to kill multiple birds with one stone is for them to stage a biological accident. If Bush allows a bio-accident to occur, Homeland Security can force the country to go to Code Red -- John AshKKKroft's dream -- in fact, soccer moms will *clamor* for it for the safety of their children. Bush can then extend Patriot Acts I, II, with many more unpatriotic acts to follow. Rove can promote Bush's only possible way to get re-s-elected: declare that we cannot have a change in leadership as it is not the time to change horses (or, in Bush's case, horse's ass) in the middle of the stream.

There is no way on God's green earth that Karl Rove will let the Idiot Usurper debate *any* Democratic candidate three nights in a row on national television, and Rove can't 'Wellstone' all of them. In a time of 'crisis', Bush would have 'no time' to debate. An unexpected bonus in the whole situation for Bush would be a windfall for his pharmaceutical paymasters, with people rushing to get vaccines that don't work, much like the media-hyped flu vaccine.

By now, Rove's internal polling must reveal to him the truth: Dictator Bush can no longer win the 2004 election, legitimately. The Republicans are not yet in position to win every state via vote purging and electronic vote fraud. When the Democrat is nominated and his platform is compared to that of the Republicans', Bush will sink further in the polls, with Iraq as a backdrop.

I predicted, before there was ONE word mentioned in the media, that the Trent Lott scandal was a GOP scheme to replace him as Senate majority leader with Bill 'Cat Torturer' Frist. Reason: Frist (besides being good GOP Nazi) is a doctor, and if Bush ever wanted to pull off a bio-incident, the country would listen and obey a doctor's call for mandatory quarantines, etc..

If the Democratic candidate selects the moderate and classy Representative Harold Ford, Jr. from Tennessee as his running mate, the Bush empire is DOOMED unless he pulls an 'October surprise'. Even a staged bin Laden 'capture' may not be enough. Bush needs to turn to something that would grab a little more attention and insure the desired clampdown, just in time for the 2004 s-election.

I hope and pray I am wrong.
Lori R. Price
January 22, 2004