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CEC bicycle library needs your help

The Cascadia Education Collective is in the process of starting a bicycle library program that will be located within the Cascadia Rising Infoshop. This will not be another yellow bike program. It will start out with a bicycle lending library, in which folks can come to the space and check out a bicycle, using a card system, for a specified amount of time, be it a couple of hour or a week.
We also hope to eventually be able to supply a lock, helmet, and lights with each bicycle. Once we are up and running, other projects planned in conjunction with the library will be; bicycle trailer rentals, free school mechanics classes, access to shop and tools for repair work, and organizing of community rides and other events related to bike culture. The CEC is a collective that manages the infoshop, as well as the bicycle library, and is run entirely by volunteers made up of community members and activist. Unfortunately our resources are limited, and to make this program succesful, we need your help. We are gladly accepting donations of bicycles for the lending library, parts to build and maintain working bicycles, bike specific tools, volunteer work/members, and yes, money (to help pay for rent and needed supplies.) For more information, to drop off donations, or to get involved, please contact:
Cascadia Rising Infoshop, 1540 SE Clinton and 16th, PDX, OR 97202. 503.230.8360 or  CEC@lists.riseup.net

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/crinfoshop
phone: phone: 503.230.8360
address: address: 1540 SE Clinton & 16th