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Find Out How Corporate Media Framed Mumia

This Sunday, Jan 25th at 7 pm the Cascadia Education Collective [at SE 16th Ave. & Clinton] hosts the Justice For Mumia Coalition. A speaker will come and help us understand how we can help prevent the execution of one of the greatest contributors to the consciousness raising of this generation. These films and discussion will happen at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 1540 SE Clinton. This is a benefit for the Cascadia Rising Education Collective, and book donations for Books to Prisoners would be greatly appreciated.

As a journalist, Mumia Abu Jamal helped expose the atrocities committed by our government to the MOVE organization. As a Black Panther member, he helped create the journalistic environment for people to understand the impetus behind that movement. As a prisoner on death row, Mumia has provided insightful analysis on many important issues we have struggled with throughout these 2+ decades of increasing militarism and oppression. [ Read More ] [ freemumia.org | Mumia Abu-Jamal's Freedom Diary ]
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