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Find Out How Corporate Media Framed Mumia!!

This Sunday Jan 25th at 7 pm the Cascadia Education Collective hosts the Justice For Mumia Coalition. A speaker will come and help us understand how we can help prevent the execution of one of the greatest contributors to the consciousness raising of this generation. These films and discussion will happen at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 1540 SE Clinton. This is a benefit for the Cascadia Rising Education Collective, and book donations for Books to Prisoners would be greatly appreciated.
As a journalist, Mumia Abu Jamal helped expose the atrocities committed by our government to the MOVE organization. As a Black Panther member, he helped create the journalistic environment for people to understand the impetus behind that movement. As a prisoner on death row, Mumia has provided insightful analysis on many important issues we have struggled with throughout these 2+ decades of increasing militarism and oppression.

This movie is an in depth look at the methodology used by corporate media to spin the facts in a way to turn public sympathy against Mumia Abu Jamal, and helps us understand some of the critical questions that are left out when they try and distort facts and mishandle evidence. In the film, Framing an Execution, Danny Glover helps us analyze how 20/20 misrepresented facts and discredited Hollywood personalities who were simply trying to point out that Mumia has never to this date, 22 years after being sentenced to death, received even a semblance of a fair trial. The witnesses admit to being intimidated, and many of their testimony was never allowed to be heard. The judge in the first trial and the subsequent appeal, Judge Capo, is obviously biased toward the Fraternal Order of Police, and is the judge who has dealt out the most death penalty sentences of any judge in Amerikkka. The judicial system has only worsened since that time, with the Reagan and Bush I Administrations continuing the trend of pulling judges from the far right and putting them into District courts and the Supreme court.

It is only through public outcry that Mumia's life has been spared up until this point. But this year his final appeal will either be heard... or not. After 22 years on Death Row, Mumia Abu Jamal will probably either be freed or released. We can make a difference in this case that has received international attention. Mumia is not just fighting for his life to be spared. He is fighting for the abolition of the death penalty because it is wrong, and because it's existence in the U.S. enables other countries to perpetuate this atrocity. He was granted honorary citizenship in France by the Mayor of Paris this past October. He, along with other disenfranchised prisoners has lost his ability to vote and yet his voice is still heard around the world, speaking out against oppression of all forms... His inspiration deserves our support at this critical time.

Come find out how the upcoming mobilizations will help to raise public awareness, and how you can get involved in the struggle to save Mumia's life. For more information and background, go to Freemumia.org

After the movie about Mumia, there will be a powerful movie about life... and death... in the Gaza Strip. It was filmed last year, and contains graphic images. It is important for people to know about the situation over there, because presently internationals are being denied entry into Gaza. We need to be informed so that when we mobilize against U.S. occupation around the globe on March 20th, and the march to save Mumia in San Francisco on April 24th, we will be able to understand the true depth of the oppression the genocidal policies our government and corporations are inflicting.
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MOVE family lived healthy 24.Jan.2004 17:49

free from corporate addictions

When a group of people begin to withdraw from the mainstream consumer system, it draws negative attention from the corporate elite. MOVE family spoke with their neighbors in West Philly about living healthy, growing and eating fresh vegetables instead of the junk food Coca-cola/McDonalds corporate schwag they were addicted to..

The police and FBI eventually stepped in to prevent MOVE family ideas of love, health and animal rights from spreading outside the neighborhood. Anyone or group who is effective at talking about ways to live free from corporate addictions is shut down by the FBI in some way (MLK Jr., Malcolm, Clarence 13X, Judi Bari, H Rap Brown, Leonard Peltier, MOVE, Mumia, etc.)

Mumia's voice was humming in the ears of many Philly residents, his ongoing coverage of the MOVE family and their struggles with the police was drawing national audience. Mumia became another thorn in the side of the establishment and for that reason was targeted by the racist FBI/Philadelphia police working together to silence the voice of dissent..

After Mumia was framed and safely locked away in state prison, the FBI/police proceeded to firebomb the MOVE family home (and neighborhood block) with helicopters and C-4 explosives while adults and children were still inside the building. Several kind and beautiful people died that day, others were wounded and had their hearts stolen by a wicked system of oppression. This shows a disregard for human life and an intention by the FBI/police to severly punish people for choosing to live independent of corporate addictions..

This may seem off subject, but another incident with FBI ruthlessly attacking an independent group shows a pattern of dislike for any group that is not mainstream and lives independent from corporate consumerism. Regardless of how anyone feels about their religious views, the people living Waco did not deserve the violent response from the FBI that burnt kind and beautiful people alive in the building after days of 24/7 spotlights and blaring speakers. The Waco group and David Koresh may have had outlandish ideas, but they were also living "off the grid", growing their own vegetables and not consuming corporate schwag. The independence from the system is scary to the corporate elite, and the harsh response by the FBI ensures no other group with strong convictions will dare to break loose from the mainstream system of corporate consumption..