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Biggest labor dispute in US in 20 years

The lockout of supermarket workers in California is the biggest labor dispute in the United States in the last twenty years, affecting some 70,000 workers. In many ways this is a watershed event for the US labor movement, on a par with other historic challenges to US workers, such as the PATCO strike in the 1980s, which President Ronald Reagan crushed, with such important and destructive implications for the vitality of organized labor and collective bargaining rights in this country.

This time, the issues at stake are perhaps even more fundamental. Workers are being locked out for insisting on retaining employer-paid health care benefits that they struggled to win years ago. If employers win this battle, it will mark a major turning point in the health care crisis in this country, as it will almost certainly strengthen the resolve of bosses nationwide to strip workers everywhere of these benefits.

Your support is urgently needed to defend the interests of these workers, and workers everywhere who will be affected by the outcome of this struggle. Please come and show your support.

Two grocery strike picketers arrested trying to file police complaint | Safeway Rally in Portland Saturday Jan 24th at Noon

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