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Measure 30 and The Oregon War

Below is a letter I sent to Eugene Weekly, another letter, and EW's position on M30. Which side are you on?

There is a war going on in Oregon between the right-wing tax cutters and the rest of us who want to live in a decent state. The war is being fought with ballots, not bullets, but people have already died. More will die if Measure 30 fails and essential services are cut.

There are no safe sidelines in this war. Everyone has to decide which side they're on. You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.

To volunteer to help pass Measure 30, call 968-8965 or email elaine@stand.org.

Everyone should have their ballots by now for Measure 30 and the deadline for voting is Tuesday, Feb. 3. We urge a "yes" vote on this very important measure. If you're unclear about the issues, get educated, and if you don't have time to get educated, trust the moderate lawmakers who put this package together with bipartisan support. In brief, here's why we think Measure 30 deserves our support.

homepage: www.ohac.org/ | Info on Measure 30 from Oregon Center for Public Policy | Measure 30 opponents sell "tax hike" lie | A No Vote on Measuer 30 Will Kill People

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