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Seven Corners Area Businesses opposed to plans for new Starbucks on SE Division

Mirador, a kitchen and home supply store, and the Red and Black Cafe, a worker- owned coffee shop, have announced their opposition to plans by Portland-based Urban Works Real Estate to develop a new Starbucks in the historic Ladd's Meat building on SE Division at 21st Avenue.

"We are in favor of a locally-owned, community-based business opening shop in the Ladd's building," said Lynn Hanrahan, co-owner of Mirador. "A Starbucks would be sending money outside the neighborhood, and -- if their record in other neighborhoods is any measure -- would not be the best neighbors to the residents and other businesses here."

Urban Works, the manager of the property, and the siter for Starbucks stores in the Portland metro area, has until recently been less than fully honest in communication with the community on the subject of whether it plans to put a Starbucks on the property.

"Now that their intentions have been revealed through media stories," said Sole, a Red and Black employee and co-owner, "there are people who feel they were decieved."

"I called [Urban Works] and asked them if a Starbucks was going in and they said, 'No'," said Steve Hanrahan, co-owner of Mirador. [ Read more... ]

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Organizing meeting to oppose this Starbucks, 1/27, 7:00pm. @People's Co-op: [ Details & downloadable posters ]