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Anyone have any idea what this is?

Going over some pics from IMC-UK, I saw some confusing pics. Any idea what's in them?
Here's the page on which the pics were found. Anyone have any idea what the blue stuff they're firing up over the wall is?


homepage: homepage: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2003/12/283252.html

It's Ink 21.Jan.2004 15:02


Probably something to mark them, so they can't just escape and merge into a crowded marketplace. Kinda how riot policemen here will use paintball guns to mark protesters.
I've heard that they also use a foul-smelling chemical agent to tag people in crowd control situations.

Pic 1 21.Jan.2004 15:02


Here are the pics...
Blue Stuff 1
Blue Stuff 1
Blue Stuff 2
Blue Stuff 2

my guess 21.Jan.2004 15:13


It's some kind of tear gas that's colored so the cops/military can see it drift and stay clear of it. 'course, the protesters would too.

that's probably right, too 21.Jan.2004 15:19


Whenever I see stuff like that I always wonder how long it'll be 'till we start seeing it get used over here, too.

already here 21.Jan.2004 17:07


The paramilitary in Miami were trying out differently-dyed smoke bombs in Miami during the FTAA demo. The smoke itself didn't seem to have any effect on us...but I'm guessing the point was to make us suspicious and fearful of the funky orange clouds.

smoke grenades 22.Jan.2004 07:38

reformed fighter

colored smoke grenades are used by military types during tactical operations. they can be used to signify locations or to indicate the initiation of a new phase during an operation. standard jar-head stuff.

reformed fighter 22.Jan.2004 11:40


Check it out, chief. It looks pretty liquid to be smoke...

I was leaning toward the dye angle myself, but wasn't sure. In Blue Stuff 1, the streams are focused relatively tightly, as if the spot from which they are originating is just below the visible horizon of the wall. This makes me think water cannons on cherry pickers, but I'm not sure why they'd bother when: a) the wall is concrete, and b) they've already crossed the line into commonplace firing into crowds of Palestinians...why retreat to water cannons?

Still not sure...