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Aphorisms of Dear Leader KIM JONG IL sent from NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang!!!

Red Suns of Militant Juche-Style Socialism Study Room Update- Aphorisms of Marshal KIM JONG Il sent as a present from the National Democratic Front of South Korea Mission in Pyongyang!!!!

Selections from the Works of
President KIM IL SUNG and

***Special Bonus Section ***

The Following Aphorisms testify to the Great Wisdom of Marshal KIM JONG IL and are a deeply revered present to the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) from the National Democratic Front of South Korea Mission in Pyongyang

1. Revolutionary outlook on leader

- Hoping for victory in a revolution without a leader is just like looking for flowers without the sun.
- No man is illustrious without filial devotion and no man is great without loyalty.
- Loyalty and filial devotion are the supreme qualities of a revolutionary.
- Single-hearted loyalty and filial devotion make the strongest weapon.
- The strongest loyalty and filial devotion produce the greatest happiness.
- A flaw can exist in a diamond, but never in one's loyalty and filial devotion.
- Not money but the heart will win loyalty.
- Disloyalty and undutifulness will bring death.
- Loyalty and filial devotion invigorate the revolution, whereas treasonous designs poison it.
- A loyal man comes to the fore in time of hardship.
- Not in time of peace but in a difficult situation, will loyalty assert itself.
- Both loyalists and traitors are around us.
- A loyal man lives for ever but a traitor lives short.
- The loyal man speaks from his heard while a traitor's heart is on the tip of his tongue.
- A treacherous man has a honeyed tongue but carries a knife in his belly.
- A loyal man and a traitor cannot live under the same roof nor eat from the same pot.

2. Political philosophy

-The Juche idea is my political philosophy. Political philosophy is the compass of leadership.
- Poverty of philosophy breeds poverty of politics.
- Intelligence is what makes a great man a great beacon.

3. Viewpoint and outlook on people

- Man, not money, is-most valuable in the world. The masses are teachers in everything. - Reality is a fine school and the masses are teachers.
- A miracle is not a gift from Heaven; it is something inevitable wrought by the people. - Work is done by people; revolution is carried out by the masses.
- The eyes of the masses are always full of wisdom.
- Talent lies among the masses.
- After all, it is individual trees that make a thick forest
- The man who believes in the people gets to drink the elixir of life, while the man who turns his back on them comes in for poison.
- There should be no mathematical rounding down or rounding up in the political appraisal of people.

4. Role of ideological consciousness

- It is not money or an atomic bomb that moves the world, but a great idea.
- People's thought, not their social origin, is what carries out a revolution.
- Charm lies in one's ideas, not in one's looks.
- A man's height is the height of his thought.
- Noble ideas and aims, noble character.
- The key to the heart of a man is in the heart itself.
- The will of the masses sets the pace.
- It is an honor whether to live or die on the road of revolution.
- Live not merely for today but for tomorrow.
- Nothing is impossible for a man who loves the future.

5. Independence and creativity

- Without independence of mind one can create nothing new.
- A man is strong if he trusts himself, weak if he relies on others.
- Live our own way; fight our own way; create our own way.
- He is a fool that expects favors from others.
- He who relies on himself will prosper; he who relies on others will perish.
- A piece of iron in one's own house is better than a lump of gold in another's.
- Self-knowledge makes one a revolutionary; ignorance of self makes one a slave.
- He who knows himself grows strong, while he who is ignorant of himself becomes weak.
- The only way to measure the value of something new is to use a new yardstick.
- Empty words without creation are like a thunder without rain.
- A product reflects the face of the producer.
- Do not wait for others to create something; present them with your own creations.
- Creation is discovery, imitation is repetition.
- The greatest human joy is in creation.
- A flaw in a creation remains an eternal blot on the creator's life.
- Do not regret after creating something; think twice before you create it
- For a skilful rider a Chollima runs one thousand miles at a gallop; for a poor rider it plods at a donkey's pace.
- He who says something is impossible is not speaking Korean.

6. Patriotism and Juche

- Loving and treasuring our own things means patriotism and Juche.
- A house with leaning pillars will fall down.
- Before becoming a scientist, first be an ardent patriot.
- Reading foreign writings should not turn out minds from our own nation.
- Genuine patriotism is in the struggle for national reunification.
- Korea is an organism that can survive when whole, but cannot when divided.

7. Trust and love

- Trust produces loyalty, mistrust betrayal.
- Power and trust joined together will prevail over Heaven.
- Trust nurtures people.
- A man with no love for people can never carry out the revolution.
- No love, no hatred.
- Repaying love with love is a human virtue.
- The best medicine is the doctor's devotion.
- There is an old saying that 800 nyang of gold will buy a house and 1,000 nyang a neighbor, but even 1,000 nyang cannot buy a revolutionary comrade. (nyang: an old Korean unit of weight equivalent to 37.3 gr.)
- He who does not love his comrades cannot be loved by them.

8. Conscience

- Conscience and heart are one and the same thing.
- Conscience mirrors behavior and tells truth from falsehood.
- Conscience is the gauge that measures what one is worth and how much confidence one can earn from others.

9. Role of knowledge

- A, man sees, hears, feels and absorbs as much as he understands.
- A man can express only as much as he knows.
- Writing is a product of knowledge and passion.
- He who does not see the beauty of flowers will not learn to grow them.

10. Word and act

- What a man says shows what he is.
- To speak is to act.

11. Passion, thinking and judgment

- Passion is the source of great creation.
- Poverty of philosophy results in poverty of thought, which in turn ends in poverty of creation.
- He who neglects to think is a great loafer.
- Think one hundred times and choose once.
- Weak in judgment, strong in prejudice.
- Dim eyes miss the target.
- Find a great thing in the commonplace, see a great thing in the small.

12. Education and edification

- One does not automatically become a revolutionary just because one's parents are revolutionaries.
- Slowing down one step in the education of the younger generation means a ten-step delay in the advance of the country.

13. Literature and art

- Literature is the art of language.
- A revolutionary poem can serve for millions of spears and swords.
- True poetic words are found in the people's speech.
- The text of a song must be a refined poem.
- Stereotyping is a barrier between literature and the reader.
- The masses are the best critics.
- Art is a product of ideas and passion.
- Life goes hand in hand with music and songs.
- Life without music is a garden without flowers.
- Music is the art of melody.
- Architecture is a composite art.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/RevolutionaryLessons.html

All Hail Kim Jong-Il! 21.Jan.2004 16:53

Happily Licking The Boots Of Dear Leader!

From KJL's aphorisms: 1. Revolutionary outlook on leader:

> - Disloyalty and undutifulness will bring death.

And quickly and painfully, too...

Isn't it obvious? 21.Jan.2004 18:09

JP Cop

- Idealist theoretical roots;
- Articulated aura of infalliability;
- Emphasis on singular Leader (Fuhrerprinzip);
- Mass regimentation;
- Cult of martiality;
- Reliance on armed force;
- Secrecy/conspiricism;
- Propaganda;
- etc.

What we have here is a splendid example of Fascism!

beloved leader 21.Jan.2004 18:49

Dixie Cupp

My boy JP tells me you mean, mean people have been picking on him again. His devotion to our Beloved leader is boundless and all your honeyed tongues merely disguise the daggers in your stomachs. Always remember that a peice of iron in your own house is worth more than a piece of gold in somebody elses and a bowl of grass soup is worth two in the bush.

More Wisdom! 21.Jan.2004 20:58


From the bonus(!) aphorisms: 7. Trust and love

> -The best medicine is the doctor's devotion.

And this is fortunate, because this is the only kind of medicine you are going to get in North Korea.

Camps? 21.Jan.2004 23:37

All Follow the Great Sunbeam that is JP Cupp

Esteemed Sunbeam of Truth and Virtue, JP Cupp, bless me with your response...

May I inquire as to the status of the re-education camps that would inevitably need to be established to put forth the Glorious Kingdom of Kim Jong Il, here in North Oregon?

Your humble servant,

Grass eater #7129

DPRK Reality is horrible Prison Camps: The hidden Gulag 22.Jan.2004 02:24


Dear SPSG comrades,

Marshal Kim Jong Il is responsible for horrible prison camps in the DPRK. Around 200000 people are tortured and starving.

Read this report: www.hrnk.org/TheHiddenGulag-press.pdf
Look at this page: www.freenorthkorea.net
Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

The document "the hidden Gulag" contains a lot of testimonies and detailed satellite images.

Does any Songun supporter think all this is fabricated?

How could you be sure that this is not true? The DPRK leadership wants to eradicate pro-imperialist class-enemies as Stalin did in Soviet Gulags. What makes you sure, that Kim Jong Il does not use similar methods and prison camps? The abduction of Japanese people was revealed last year after decades of denial.

Anyway, if there would be no Gulags at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or other NGO's to check this and prove this report false?

Or do you think these atrocities are justified to support the great Songun politics?

Kim Jong-Il's aphorisms seem to suggest this:
- Disloyalty and undutifulness will bring death
- A loyal man lives for ever but a traitor lives short
- A loyal man and a traitor cannot live under the same roof nor eat from the same pot

May I kindly ask you to provide me an answer?