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Willamette Week publishes an article on Starbucks in Seven Corners struggle

This certainly isn't the worst article that's ever appeared in the WW (especially by its notorious author, Nick Budnick). Factually, it's on-base (which with the corporate media cannot by any means be assumed), but the style of Budnick and the WW (and most city weeklies across the country) continutes to be grating. His "hip" (or is it "post-hip"?) oh-so-clever tone (seen here in the descriptions of the R&B and its customers) has a tendency to trivialize whatever subject it touches, especially when that subject is activists and their concerns; note, in contrast, his straight-up quoting of the Starbucks corporate line with no irony whatsoever. Is this nit-picking (or maybe, "Nick-picking")? No. It's important to be a careful reader if you're going to expose yourself to the slick corporate media, and form is just as important as content. In the case of the WW (and, as I said, most weeklies across the country), that form is usually fairly cloying, with the result that its subjects are often cast more tritely than they deserve.

Still, with a campaign like this one, there's some truth to the adage that any coverage is good coverage. This article will bring the struggle to keep Starbucks out of Seven Corners to the attention of more people, many of whom will see through the fluffy veneer and who might lend their energy to the fight, and that's great. I'll stop short of thanking Budnick for his effort though -- it is, after all, just his job. ;-)

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