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Is Molly Ivins going to be at a Debate in PDX???

Where Can I get tickets to the Molly vs Neo-Con Debate?
I am sure that I read there is a debate (Molly Ivins vs William Krystal) in February at the Schnitz but cannot find any info now. Went to Ticketmaster and they only have Seattle lined up. Help Please!!
Update 21.Jan.2004 14:14

M. Tyler

The last I heard Ivins was going to Washington D.C with Granny D. aka Doris Haddock who was the subject of her article entitled "New Meaning for Walking Around Money" to fight against animal abuse and poverty. Mother Jones had a recent interview.

Molly Ivins coming to Portland! 02.Feb.2004 17:15

Usually I'm not a fan of Texans

It's February 19, get tickets from Fastix (aka Tickets West). Also see http://www.pacificu.edu/news_events/events/forum/ Good luck!