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They Are Lying About Your Food

A Worker from the Mad Cow Meat Plant Speaks Out
My name is Dave and I work at Vern's Moses Lake Meats.

I did until the day the mad cow test results on the Sunny Dene cow came back positive for BSE. That was Wednesday, December 24. On Friday, December 26, the KXLY news crew was at the end of Vern's driveway, locked out by a cable gate.

The USDA had told the world that the mad cow had been slaughtered here, but it was not in the food chain. A blatant lie.

It was one of many. I walked out with the news crew at lunch time because I can't stand a government cover-up. They asked me "was the cow in the food chain?" I told them of course it was, it's meat. Where else would it be? They asked me if the cow was a downer. I told them no, it was just an old cow.

The USDA had us taking brain stem samples from downers and back door cripples only. Since we only had a few walkers on this trailer full of downers, we just killed her along with them. We took a brain sample from her head because the USDA gives up $10 per sample.

If we would have unloaded her in the pens, we would have never caught the BSE. How many other walkers have BSE? We will never know. The USDA only tested the downers and cripples and only at our plant. We had only been taking brain samples for about a month when we found this one.

When the USDA said no more downers would be slaughtered, they essentially said no more BSE testing would be done. Vern's and every other slaughterhouse kept right on killing and selling Holstein meat from the same area as the mad cow with no BSE testing whatsoever. This is true and easily verifiable.

And just so the folks in Moses Lake don't feel left out, the beef head, tongue, liver, kidneys and tail were sold right here in the Columbia Basin. It's way past time for everybody to stop thinking with their bank accounts and start trying to find a way to stop the spread of BSE.

The minute the USDA found the contaminated cow, they stopped the brain stem collection and testing. Why? Ka-ching! It's the money. Billions.

If you want to be sure you and your family are eating safe meat, demand testing on every beef slaughter. It's quick and easy. Don't eat another piece of meat until you see a sticker that says tested and cleared for BSE on the package. BSE is 100% fatal --- if you or your kids get it, you die a very painful death. It's a slow, wasting disease. It's terrible.

Right now, a lot of people are telling you how safe their beef is, but they don't know if it is or is not without testing. That's their checkbook talking. That rendering plant in Canada wasn't feeding 81 cows, it was feeding thousands of cows. Every second that goes by, more untested beef goes on the dinner plate. If you eat mad cow, you are going to get sick and you are going to die.

Stand up and demand safe meat.

homepage: homepage: http://www.counterpunch.org/louthan01202004.html

Better still 21.Jan.2004 16:18


Stop demanding meat.

If you reduce your meat-consumption, you will be healthier.

If you reduce your meat-consumption, you will be safer from BSE, BGH, and all the other chemicals they feed animals.

If you reduce your meat-consumption, you will save money.

Yes, it is really that simple 21.Jan.2004 17:37


Stop chewing on death, disease, and misery.
Anyone who says that humans are 'made' to consume as much flesh as we do is either a dupe or stands to profit.
Not only is the entire industry incredibly wasteful, polluting, selfish, and downright disgusting,
but also ecologically myopic and suicidal.
íViva Vegetables!
Atkins is for morons.

Try 'The Food Revolution' - by John Robbins just for starts, and there are many, many more.

"One in a million" CJD is occurring frequently -- the human form of Mad Cow 22.Jan.2004 06:36

Mel R.

Moses Lake, WA is approx. 50 miles NE of Yakima, WA, the far side of Hanford from here.

Counterpunch (the publisher of Dave Louthan's article) is an excellent resource put out by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. They are the authors of "Whiteout" - a 1998 book about Gary Webb's Dark Alliance, media corruption, govt. drug smuggling, Operation Paperclip.

There are four million diagnosed cases of Alzheimers in this country. Victims are rarely checked during an autopsy to verify whether it is actually Alzheimers or Creutzfeld-Jacob, the human form of Mad Cow Disease. The symptoms of both are similar. New variant CJD (vCJD) is different in that its victims are frequently young and the disease progresses rapidly. It is vCJD that exposed England and their Mad Cows.

If you read between the lines you can tell that the press and reporters have the story of a major problem with TSEs and Mad Cow but are not telling us like it is. The emphasis in CAPS is mine.
In Friday's Jan. 9th Oregonian, pg. A2 "No mad cow link to people, U.S. insists" ---
3rd paragraph: "There is a small probability that we may be missing some cases," said Dr. Stephen De Armond, a pathologist at the University of California at San Francisco, a center that has HUNDREDS of suspected cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD.
Last paragraph: More recent experience, he (De Armond) said, suggests doctors now are over-diagnosing CJD. Out of hundreds of suspected cases of CJD referred to De Armond's center, he said, 10 percent to 20 percent proved to be another disease.
TRANSLATION: that means 80% or more is actually CJD, which means this center in San Francisco had hundreds of this one-in-a-million disease. Perhaps CJD is occurring much more frequently that we're being told. Interesting that the Oregonian used the headline: "No mad cow link" they should have added, BUT the Numbers Don't Jive

redfeet pointed to a good source, The Food Revolution by John Robbins, pages 144-150 in that book covers Mad Cows and Mad Cowboys other books include: Mad Cows and Milk Gate by Virgil M. Hulse, M.D., Mad Cowboy - Howard F. Lyman, Mad Cow USA - Sheldon Rampton and John Clyde Stauber Deadly Feasts by Richard Rhodes is also an interesting read, especially on the early cases of kuru, a brain-wasting disease brought on by cannibalism

Diet dogmas are dangerous things 28.Jan.2004 20:40


on meat, some bodies may require it more than others. It is better to phrase this as acid/alkaline issues:

The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet : An Innovative Program for Ridding Your Body of Acidic Wastes by Felicia Drury Kliment (Paperback)

The Nutrition Solution: A Guide to Your Metabolic Type
by Harold J., D.D.S. Kristal, James M., N.C. Haig, John R. Lee

and, remember, biochemical individuality over ideological dogma in your diet. Make sure it suits YOU instead of an ideology:


at least read reviews