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Pharmaceutical & biotech corporations behind Morelos attacks

Biopiracy and genetic engineering by pharma/GE corporations represents an attack on biodiversity and human autonomy. The attack on the villagers of Tlalnepantla, Morelos by the Mexican government is the forefront of the Plan Puebla Panama agenda that seeks to control the Lacandon rainforest with genetically engineered trees from Grupo Pulsar, Mexican biotech corporation.

Genetic engineering corporations are becoming more aggressive in their attempts to control the global food supply and patent biodiversity. The collaboration of pharmaceutical (Novartis, Syngenta) and biotech (Monsanto, Grupo Pulsar) corporations is an assault on biodiversity wordwide. Farmers and indigenous people are chased off their land by WTO controlled governments, the pharma/GE corporations are right on their heels engaging in biopiracy and spreading GE seeds of destruction..
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