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Spring Equinox 2004 Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes - Mexico

You are invited to the Gathering

Spring Equinox 2004 Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes Baja California Sur, M?xico March 15-30 - 2004

Indigenous Peoples Prophecy When the Mother Earth is sick, and the animals dying, there will come a tribe of peoples from all cultures, who believe in deeds, not words, and they will restore the Mother Earth to her former beauty.

This tribe will be called The Warriors of the Rainbow.







Table of Contents

Gathering Invitation

General Cover Letter

The Eco-Village Project (Rainbow Peace Village)

Site Scouting Details & Project Sum Up

Driving Directions & Entry Requirements Into Mexico

Magic Hat


Gathering Invitation

We invite all peoples, groups and organizations, active today in the fulfilling of the Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy, to attend the Spring Equinox Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes. We gather to give honour to the Mother Earth and all life forms upon her, as well as to honour and give respect for all those living and departed who have given to the preservation, restoration and enhancement of nature. We gather in one of the great cathedrals of nature, Baja California Sur, Mexico and by the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California, the most biologically diverse body of water on earth.

We gather in the County of La Paz (The Peace) to give honour and respect to all of Mother Earth's people(s) in their ongoing efforts to help foster peace on earth in these difficult times. We realize that only in peace can we fulfil the Prophecy of The Warriors of the Rainbow, which brings us to gather. We gather here to give respect to the local population that has learned to live with one another and develop a culture of peace. We gather in Baja California Sur where a profoundly rich bio-diversity remains largely intact so that we may experience natural balance and be one with it.

We gather here to celebrate the rejuvenation of the Grey Whale which has come back from the brink of extinction thanks to the local and worldwide efforts of true Rainbow Warriors, who continue to support the preservation and restoration of many bio-regions and species, and to further planetary awareness of endangered sea turtle species, the majority of which frequent our area and give birth from their nests on our shores.

We gather to help further ongoing efforts to recognize the absolute need to preserve the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez which is inhabited, or visited by, 64% of all marine life forms and is essential to the restoration of these species worldwide. It is truly "The Aquarium of the World" and deserves the assistance of all true Warriors of the Rainbow.

We gather here to demonstrate that our contribution's to the local economy makes it economically viable to preserve species, rather than harvest them into extinction for short-term financial profits.

We request that all people actively involved in worldwide environmental and peace projects, who can attend, bring presentations of their projects to share. That all alternative media sources record and report their findings for dissemination worldwide so that we may demonstrate positive viable alternatives to use as models for enhanced efforts and encourage all peoples to join in. We realize that most people would like to help but don't have positive models to work from and often feel alone, and powerless, as a result.

We request that all Rainbow Peace Fleet and other ecologically oriented sailing projects bring their vessels, where possible, for the Baja California Peninsula has thousands of kilometres of coastline and sailing workshops/studies would greatly enhance gathering participants awareness of the marine wonders of the region and further encourage it's preservation. La Paz has two of the finest Marine Biology Institutes in Latin America and we will seek their assistance in teach-ins at the Gathering site and aboard our vessels. We also encourage all Marine Biology Institutions worldwide to participate in this effort.

We request that all who choose to attend honour 33 years of Rainbow Consensus (all those participating in events and projects) that we as a whole maintain the stance that gatherings are a-political and a-religious in nature. This Consensus agreement stands so that we do not alienate each other thru disagreements in such philosophies, which have divided the peoples and cultures of the world. Our efforts remain that of saving the Mother Earth and all life forms upon her. We honour all peaceful beliefs, but realize that a dead planet will allow none to exist. In saving the Mother Earth, which provides for us all, we gather and remain united.

We gather to endorse world peace on all levels and are totally united behind all efforts to remove impediments to peace and the restoration of all human, and the natural world's, rights. We recognize that war, the deaths of innocents and the destruction of environments, by whomever, cannot be justified. We fully realize the magnitude of these problems in the world today and take it upon ourselves to find and provide the solutions.

In accordance with 33 years of consensus throughout the worldwide Rainbow Network we have no leaders and each individual is responsible for their actions and deeds. We call upon all Warriors of the Rainbow to assist wherever possible and endorse the rights of all people(s) to fulfil the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow. All peaceful and environmentally responsible actions in support of all human and natural rights are the actions of true Rainbow Warriors. Any actions, by whomever, which persecutes people and groups for exercising their responsibilities as Warriors of the Rainbow is in violation of the rights of all and as such those being oppressed deserve the support of the whole.

We gather from our many places and myriad of efforts to get to know one another and wherever possible to coordinate our local/regional efforts to benefit the global whole. To share proven models which may be applicable in other places and projects, or can be modified to suit different environmental, cultural and social factors. We gather to help create alternatives to failed systems which have contributed to (or are the roots of) ecological degradation and untold damages to all species, including the total extinction of many. To find whatever means possible to restore ecological balances worldwide, perhaps by relocating kindred species from healthy populations which are compatible with surviving species so as not to further damage degraded eco-systems.

We would greatly appreciate the participation of experts in all fields of the natural sciences so that totally integrated models may be developed for the restoration of all known bioregions. Even here in Baja California Sur, one of the world's least populated and most pristine ecological environments we have suffered setbacks and the loss of endemic species, as well as the endangerment of others, not to mention to the amazing diversity of migratory species which frequent our region. The latter clearly demonstrates that no bioregion is immune from ecological damages all along various species migratory paths. "Think globally so that we may act, responsibly, locally" should be this Gathering's motto and for that we need expertise from around the world.

For those who will be attending this event as their first Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes, these gatherings are all in natural settings. Come prepared to camp in nature on the site proper. A secondary camp is set up at Bus Village, for all self-contained motor homes, and is within easy hiking distance to the actual gathering's central area. As we will be by the sea a safe anchorage will be established for a Fleet Village

Because of the limitations in ferry service from mainland Mexico we ask, whenever feasible, that vehicles route themselves down the Baja California Peninsula (which we might add has some great whale watching opportunities along the way).

We would also ask that all participants show respect for the local customs and people. A good guidebook for Baja California, including its customs is, Moon Handbooks "Baja-Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas". We normally do not endorse any commercial products but since this is Baja's first major Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes we feel obliged to make sure all participants show courtesy and respect for the local populous' customs and this book is the best we've found in that area of knowledge, and is more in depth than we can include in this invitation.

We must add that Bajacalifornianos (local folks) are as friendly and respectful as any populous on earth so you'll fit quite well into the local culture by showing your friendliness, courteousness and respect.

We respectfully request that all recipients of this invitation copy, translate where necessary, and share it throughout your networks and via regional-global alternative media sources.

We particularly, and out of the deepest respect, invite all indigenous peoples whose prophecies gave birth to today's Warriors of the Rainbow.

Note: Weapons, drugs and alcohol are totally inappropriate at this event.


General Cover Letter

Attached is your invitation to the Spring Equinox 2004 Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes, to take place in the County of La Paz (The Peace), Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Rainbow Gatherings are always held in a natural setting requiring that all participants come prepared to camp. Many groups planning to attend and do presentations of their efforts find it conducive to plan their camp ahead of time so that all their needs are met and their efforts can focus on events, workshops, councils, etc. they will bring to share. Such camps are always listed on the site map, bulletin boards and announced at all General Councils and events.

Generally speaking, all materials required to put camps and presentations together can be obtained in the La Paz area. Personal camping gear is usually brought in and larger, less portable materials purchased (or sometimes donated) locally. Our volunteers will strive to compile a map with sources for all needs, with a focus on businesses that show support for the Gathering. We will also request that all listed businesses offer a 10% discount to Gathering participants and donate 5% of profits to ecological and peace projects in their bio-region.

We expect about 25,000 people and this requires A LOT of advance preparation, essentially setting in place a ecologically sound infra-structure for a good sized town. We anticipate having 200-300 local volunteers working on all advance preparations. An example is primary site preparation will require that we identify ecologically sensitive areas on site and set them aside as non-use areas, then preparing general use areas. The latter requires that any area to be impacted be cleared of any plants, etc., which are preserved for replanting in their original locations after the Gathering.

Basic, but complete, sanitation systems need to be put in place at each designated camping area. Each must have community kitchens, common meeting areas, first aid stations, bathing facilities, child care centre, emergency services centre, booths for presentations, stage area, etc., etc., etc

Our networking council will be working overtime to insure that ALL environmental and peace efforts worldwide are invited. All schools of higher learning with Natural Sciences departments, as well as all projects actively involved in the application of such, will be invited. All alternative media sources will be encouraged to utilize their networks to further extend the invitation. A seemingly endless list is being researched and all efforts compatible with the Gathering's purposes will receive invitations.

Supply lines need to be put into place to insure all Gathering needs are met and that the General Fund (Magic Hat) is used wisely to accomplish the most with the least.

All these, and much more, require a significant amount of seed funding and we ask all people and groups to help with advance funding needs. The Gatherings themselves are free of change and depend totally on donations from participants and all those who support the purposes of the event. Please help us help make your Gathering a success by contributing to the advance cost needs.

Additionally we seek letters of endorsement from all groups and individuals planning to attend, and outlines of any workshops and presentations to be made during the Gathering. It would help us to know approximately how many people your group will have, if a designated camping area is needed and what, if any, special needs there are.

We depend completely on volunteers to set up this event and largely those come from local/regional ecological and peace groups. We, of course, welcome volunteers from all regions, and liaisons with their groups/organizations. We also encourage groups in all regions to focalise their regional participation in this event and will coordinate our primary communications efforts to refer people to their local focalizers wherever appropriate.

We further realize that some participants require housing off site due to medical, communications and other needs. The Gathering region has a fair number of hotels-hostels, etc. and our volunteers will compile a listing of all such resources and try to get preferred rates for Gathering participants. Some groups require off site conference facilities for focused projects and events, which are then coordinated with other groups/efforts on site.

Our volunteers will do all they can to help facilitate such needs if they have your group's needs and budget requirements. Due to the large turnout expected we will also try to find host families and groups to make themselves available as needed.

Local volunteers can inevitably get better rates and the funds you save can be applied to the purposes of the Gathering. We will encourage local/regional eco-projects to offer tours of their efforts so that first hand knowledge can be shared and you can directly help these efforts.

For those in more affluent countries, please remember that the wages in this country start at about $4.00 (U.S.) a day and even considering that the Baja is more affluent than average we are working from an extremely disadvantaged local funding base and need all the help we can get in preparing and carrying out this Gathering. Please donate as generously a possible in advance. Once the Gathering itself officially starts the Magic Hat can provide via direct contributions. Early letters of endorsement are very important to help smooth the way so please get those to us as soon as possible.


Eco-Village Project (Rainbow Peace Village)

Our site and the follow-up village land is a 4,000 acre ranch, with the possibility of the adjoining 4,000 acres being added to the Eco-village Project. The area is relatively remote, being about 60 kilometers from the City of La Paz, with the last 30 kilometers being a dirt road passing through the property(s). The area is incredibly beautiful with a backdrop of the shear walls and canyons of the Sierra Gigante to the north. These are desert mountains similar to the U.S. Southwest. From the mountains south extends a fertile plain all the way to the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez and outer Bay of La Paz (one of the great bays of the world), with the Espiritu Santos Island group on the horizon and Isla San Jose around the point (Punto Coyote).

The property itself is covered with a Cardon Cactus forest, with a large variety of other cactus species and a profoundly diverse flora and fauna population representing most of the species found at the lower elevations of the Southern Baja California Peninsula. This desert area is one of the unique green zones of the coastal area, due to a large aquifer resulting from the mountain run-off during rainy season and a vast network of subterrainian waterways constantly feeding the aquifer from the Sierra Gigante. This results in one of the healthiest cactus populations in the State, which is also aided by an abundence of natural phosphates and other natural minerals which makes the area extremely fertile. It's locally said that all you need is seeds and a little water and anything will grow well here that grows in any similar environment/eco-systems.

Scattered throughout the plain are spectacular desert mountain formations similar to the Canyonlands of Utah and the U.S. Southwest. The region is know as "The Cathedrals" as a result and their beauty rivels even the most spectactular mesas and sculpted mountains anywhere on earth, with the unique aspect of the green fertile plain stretching out all around the eastern and western edges of the site and the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez - Bay of La Paz stretching along the full southern edge. The beaches are primarily rock type, with a few fairly large dark sandy beaches interspersed along the coast.

The site completely covers all the land from the mountains to the sea on it's north-south axis, extending east to near Punta Coyote/Coyote Point (there's one other 4,000 ranch site, which is not used and may be available for purchase, in between), after which the dirt road proceeds across the mountains to beaches and small bays beyond, on the other side of the mountains. To the west are some other properties and farther on the now abandoned town of San Juan de la Costa which was a phosphate mining town until two years ago when it's docks were destroyed by a hurricane. Between that and environmental concerns about the mine, the mine has been permanently closed.

Other than a few ranches and fishing camps, that entire side of the Bay of La Paz is an unpopulated region and a prime area to set up Eco-Reserves centered throughout the site(s) proper of our Eco-village Project and beyond if we can get the support of such groups as The Nature Conservancy (several of who's local members are working with us) and others who raise funds to purchase such areas for permanent Eco-Reserves. These same groups just recently purchased all private rights to the Espiritu Santos Island Group and established them as a permanent Ecological Reserve administered by the government, with oversight by the sponsoring groups. Since our site directly faces these islands the area is perfect to extend the reserve to the mainland Baja Peninsula side of the Bay of La Paz.

A large section the the Eco-village site is slated to become the Baja Jardin (Baja Garden) Project, to be held intact and used to educate people about the flora and fauna of the region, it's many uses as natural food and medicinal plants, the use of it's fibers for fabrics and paper uses, etc. It well also educate people about each facit of the web of life, with all parts being essential to maintain healthy natural balances between all the species endemic to this region. We intend to create cottage industries, based upon sustainable harvest methods, that will produce natural herbal medicines, foods and other products from the indigenous resources of the area.

These will help to support the project as a whole and also a Wholistic Healing Center (C.A.L.M. = Center for Alternative Living Medicine), where we hope to incorporate all alternative healing processes: to meet the villages health needs; to provide those services to the local communities; to be a school of learning and sharing what we learn with the Global Network of Eco-villages and Wholistic Healing Centers, as well as interacting with other such centers worldwide so that a Planetary Wholistic Research Network can share our combined resources with anybody needing these services.

Because we have the reality of the need for energy sources, another aspect of the Village will be the founding of an Alternative Energy Research and Application(s) Center. This region is idea for: Solar Energy, as we have 350 days a year of sunshine on average; Wind Energy, as there are almost continuous breezes/winds year round, Tidal Energy, as we are by the sea and can use the tides to power aqua-turbines, etc. We hope to incorporate all known alternative energy sources, besides those mentioned, into our Research and Development Projects. We also hope to produce actual working models as another cottage industry to support the Eco-village and the Alternative Energy Research and Application(s) Center and market those throughout the world and are particularly interested in providing the Global Network of Eco-villages with applicable alternative energy sources to meet their needs and to serve a working models that folks in all regions can see applied so that they can consider applying the alternatives in their homes and businesses, and have sources to obtain them locally.

Of course the Eco-village will have organic farming/gardening to supply the village and also to sell to the local, and possibly the export, market(s). We also have a large Natural Seed Bank source in our State available to supply our efforts with all known tropical and sub-tropical plant species and will create a sister Botanical Garden of that projects efforts, which currantly consist of about 40 acres in the town of La Ribera that is at the southern end of La Paz County. We are also inviting all organic farming/gardening projects worldwide to come to the Gathering and assist with the Eco-village Project's needs in that area and will include the best we can find (and that is applicable to the climate and terrain here) in order to create the most balanced production techiques possible.

Another aspect of the Eco-village will be an Arts Center (Artist for Peace) to include all artistic mediums, i.e. Fine Arts, Music, Theater, Dance, Literature, Crafts, etc., with all productions geared toward raising local, regional and global awareness toward fulfilling the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow and returning the world to a natural balance that respects all living species and teaches how each is essential in the web of life. It will be a Cultural Center available to the global network and encourage cultural exchanges with all groups worldwide.

A Multi-Media Center Project will also be a major focus since one of this project's goals will be to have open lines of communications on a worldwide level in order to share all that we (all groups associated with our network included) learn works and to create productions aimed at raising global awareness of environmental needs around the world. We will particularly encourage Eco-villages in all regions to become intregral parts of this by including their projects efforts and successes in various media presentations, as well as any products they produce to help raise funding for their ongoing efforts/projects.

Because our project does sit on the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez, the most biologically diverse body of water on earth, a major focus of our project will be the preserving of this precious natural resource. A major aspect of that will be to create Eco-tourism projects that not only offer tours of the area, but educates all participants about all forms of marine life and the fact that it is essential to protect this bio-region as it can re-supply depleted species in ecological damaged regions worldwide. The Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez is inhabited by 64% of all known marine species and well deserves it's title as "The aquarium of the World".

We are also blessed with having two of the most respected Marine Biology Institutes in Latin America and they are affiliated with most of the worlds counterparts, so we have available highly trained and knowledgable professionals who can assist our efforts. The governmental environmental agencies here are also very good, but they are understaffed, underfunded and underequipped to handle the needs, so we hope our efforts and resources (between Eco-tourism and Rainbow Peace Fleet activities) will be able to assist in protecting the sea from illegal commercial fishing practices which are now a near continual threat to the marine life in this region. If this sea's marine life forms are depleted it will have a major negative ecological impact on marine species throughout the Eastern Pacific Rim Region and beyond, for it is the major spawning grounds for all the species that inhabit this region. The majority of which are migratory and those migrations extend throughout the North and South American Pacific Coast region(s) and are essential for the chain of marine life forms.

The same also applies for the terrestial life forms in the Baja California Peninsula, which is one of the least populated and most ecologically pristine areas on earth. This Peninsula has several U.N. recognized World Heritage Bio-Reserves and an incredible bio-diversity of flora and fuana species, many endemic to this region and only found here. Many being endangered species in great need of protection. Our Eco-village will be networking with all environmental projects in this region (and beyond) and part of our Eco-tourism activities will be to provide tours of these projects to educate participants, and hopefully find ways that they can provide hands on assistance, as well as ongoing funding for these efforts.

The Eco-village itself will have no transportation means that pollute and it's only road passing through it will be the sole area where moter vehicles will be allowed for delivery of goods, and for our neighbors to have right of way to their ranches, homes and fishing camps. We are predominately looking at utilizing horses, burros, bicycles and evently alternatively powered vehicles that are terrain friendly. Of course the dominate means of travel throughout the village will be by foot, although due to the vast expanses of land we have available, and the need to transport supplies to far flung areas, we will need to utilize other transportation methods. Largely this can be accomplished utilizing existing trails and dried stream/river beds (in dry season) to move supplies and people about the site.

At present we are considering having 20 - 50 acre sites for each project groups efforts and housing for the participants involved. Although there will be a Community Center Area, the village will be largely disbursed throughout the site so as not to impact any one area beyond it's ecologial capacity to sustain natural balances. We would like to see all dwellings and group project structures built into the earth and hills/mountains so that we create a minimal impact on other species, and at the same time have natural earth/stone insulation that will minimize the need for use energy for heating and cooling of structures. That will also minimize visual disturbances of the natural landscape and hopefully when visitors view the site they will not even see any man made structures. We will also utilize natural plants to further conceal the exposed faces of the structures, which will provide more privacy for the occupants.

In addition to all those things we would like to use our village as an alternative learning center for locals,with classes featuring every aspect of what the village has available to share. We would particularly like to focus on the children, for they are the future and it will be their world that we're creating positive alternatives for.

To do all these things we certainly need the assistance of others who already have positive working models within their Eco-villages that we can learn from. We hope to include all such models (as is, or in modified versions to fit the local ecology and social/cultural considerations), which is why your project(s) is receiving this presentation and invitation to come join in helping this project reach it's goals. As our principle reason to exist is the fulfilling of the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow, the Gathering, which will kick off the Eco-village Project, is focusing on sending the invitations and updates to those folks we know, from what they're doing, are creating the "deeds, not words" that the Prophecy mandates to qualify was being true Warriors of the Rainbow. This is why your project is receiving this communication and we hope that you will respond favorably and attend the Gathering with workshops and displays/models of whatever you found has worked in the creation of your Eco-villages.

We, of course, realize that for most it would be impractical to bring all your project's participants, but would hope that you send a representative Council to represent your efforts and be one with us in this effort.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and understand what we are trying to do. We hope that it leads to a long and mutually prosperous relationship in the years to come.


Site Scouting Details & Project Sum Up

December 24, 2003.

The scouting of the site last Sunday was certainly a delight, if for no other reason than it's shear beauty.

The area slated for the Gathering and Eco-village is in a region known as "The Cathedrals". For those of you who may know the Canyon lands of Utah, or who have seen pictures of it, imagine the same kind of majestic rock formations backed by the shear rock walls of the Sierra Gigante mountains that border the 4,000 acre site (with an adjoining 4,000 acres available). Then place a vast fertile green plain with a forest of cactus' and flora common to this region, on that many stunning buttes and mesas interlaced throughout. Then throw in the Bay of La Paz and Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez, with some of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf/Sea on the horizon. That's the site and one could easily say it's at least a beautiful as any Gathering site has ever been. And add to that that there's an abundant aquifer with more than enough water to support whatever we wish to do there.

The drive is must be taken slowly once the pavement ends and due to a major hurricane a few months ago there's some major detours to navigate around parts of the road that were washed out. All the by-passes are already in place and we hope that they will be further improved between now and Gathering time, though with care the existing detours and careful driving will allow anybody with a reasonably good functioning vehicle to get into the site. It's not that far from the City of La Paz, but road conditions means it's takes some time.

Our scouting trip started at 9:30 AM and we transversed the route past the site to Punto Coyote (just a few miles past) and returned, spending a couple of hours walking a small segment of the site, assessing the conditions and appreciating the incredible beauty.

Because we're going into the dry season here and that will last on past Gathering time, we determined that we need to tap a couple of wells to insure adequate water supplies for the Gathering and those will also be used to help support Eco-village's needs when the Gathering is over and we move into creating that project. The wells will be fairly shallow due to the abundance of close to the surface underground water sources in the area and will utilize solar electric pumps for extraction. This will also allow us to better protect the water sources and insure that no external contamination will affect the water supplies.

There are about 15 miles of waterfront bordering the two land parcels we have access to and those are mostly composed of rocky beaches, with some dark sand beaches scattered throughout.

On site we do not need to establish any trails as between dry river/steam beds and animal trails that exist we can pretty much transverse most of the site. There are also ample areas cleared by the floods that occurred after the hurricane so that there are ample sandy areas already cleared for camping sites and large community areas. If we stick to using those the Gathering clean-up will be very easy and mostly just making sure no litter has been left behind (so, for those coming, make sure you plan on taking any litter you create out with you and make everybody who stays for clean-up and the Eco-village Project happy).

There are also some great areas for a Bus Village (for self contained motor homes) and of course ample anchorages for Peace Fleet vessels. Those who have water vessels like kayaks, small sailing vessels, etc. would be well advised to bring them with you for there's to many beautiful places that require water transport to get to and you'll want to visit them. The same applies for snorkeling and diving gear, wind/kite surfers (there's great breezes for those here in March), etc.

Of course the site is also an ideal place for those who'd want to bring their horses and some of the locals would be glad to rent horses to you too. The Eco-village will have horses for transiting the site and they will probably comprise the majority of transport around the village (besides by foot). Bicycles will also be a main means of transport. The site is vast and the canyon lands throughout the adjoining Sierra Gigantes offer endless exploring possibilities as well.

The Eco-village Project would particularly like to invite folks from any existing Eco-villages to come and share all the things that have worked well with your project(s) and which we might use (as is, or in modified forms) to help create this Eco-village Project. We'd like to incorporate the best of all such projects into a shining example of how we can all live in harmony with nature and still be able to support our efforts on the material level.

A large section of the site is to be set aside for the Baja Garden Project, which will be dedicated to educating folks about all the plants in this, their use as food sources and their medicinal uses. We would also like to sustainably harvest medicinal plants for extracts as a cottage industry and to support the village's Wholistic Healing Center with both and funding.

We also plan to establish an Alternative Energy Research and Development Project that will supply the means to provide energy for the village and create products to market as another means of support for that specific project and the village as a whole. This area is ideal for solar (we get 350 days a year of sun, on average) and is famed for it's daily winds/breezes so that wind energy is another obvious option to pursue. Of course we will not exclude any viable and environmentally friendly alternative energy sources in the research end of things and no doubt working models will be set up of a myriad of applicable energy sources.

We hope to create all dwellings and other necessary structures so that they blend into the terrain and indeed will be putting most into the earth/hills/mountainsides, with only the entrance visible (and likely those will have vegetation barriers that further obscure the entrances). Ideally you would not even see the village structures without very careful observation and all trails into them would blend into the overall terrain and vegetation.

There is one dirt road transversing the site closer to the sea and that is very little used, since there are only a few ranchos and fishing camps past the land and very few tourist even know about the area.

Because we want to be able to share all that we're doing and essentially become a model Eco-village, we want to establish a Multi-Media Center that will connect the Eco-village with all points earth and share whatever we've learned so that other existing Eco-villages (and ones to come into existence) can tap our efforts to help further theirs. We would hope to help establish a strong global network where we all share our successes and make them available to everybody in need of whatever we've learned works well.

We, of course, want to also create a Center for the Arts that will be both a place to learn and also a resource to earn funding to support that project and the village as a whole (not to mention beautifying and entertaining as well). We would like to extend a warm welcome to all artists working in all mediums, for art is culture and we hope our village becomes a Cultural Center for the world to benefit from.

We would also like to create an environmentally friendly Organic Farming/Gardening Center utilizing the best methods we can find for sustainable production that complements the natural food sources available in the region. Indeed, it would hopefully enrich the lands even more, though the site is already rich in natural phosphates and other minerals. Here they say you only need the seeds and a little water for life to bloom in abundance and supply all your needs. It is a incredibly fertile land and you need only witness the first rains of the season to, literally, see the desert bloom before your eyes into an explosion of life and colors. And the site is one of the most blessed in the Baja that way, thanks to the run-off from the mountains and great reserves of underground water sources.

We also plan to establish (and utilize existing) Eco-Tourism businesses that would show people the wonders of the region and educate them so that they understand the need to preserve the Eco-system and how we can do that. The Baja Peninsula is one of the least impacted Eco-systems in the world and we'd like to keep it that way, instead of letting tourist resorts over run the region and reek ecological havoc that will destroy the ecological wonders found only here and within the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez Bio- region. The Bio-diversity in this region is amazing and could be used to replenish exhausted regions with kindred species that badly need such help.

That's a brief synopsis of the progress and plans for the Gathering and Eco- village here and we hope those Warriors of the Rainbow, into "deeds, not words", who are looking for a Gathering and Eco-village of like minded folks into creating the realities will come join us in this effort to fulfill the consensus agreements that have been reached over the past 33 years of Rainbow Gatherings and Peace Projects efforts. This is a Gathering for true Warriors of the Rainbow and the Prophecy is our guidelines.


Driving Directions & Entry Requirements Into Mexico

Let me start this by saying, Welcome Home to THE FREE REPUBLIC OF MEXICO, to it's Land Apart the BAJA CALIFORNIA PENINSULA and to The Land of Dreams: LA PAZ (THE PEACE) COUNTY, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR.

The folks coming down to the Spring Equinox 2004 Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes and Eco-Village Project(s) will be coming down Highway 1, all the way from Tijuana to La Paz (about a 22 - 24 hour drive). For those who wish to avoid the big city of Tijuana they would be best advised to enter through Tecate, about a half hour from San Diego (east) on old U.S Highway 94, and if you're coming from the east you exit Interstate 5 near Jacumba and go west on U.S. 94 to the Tecate crossing. From there take Highway 3 to Ensenada (El Sauzal, just north of Ensenada) and connect with Highway 1 south from there. If your coming from the east (on U.S. Interstate 5) you could opt to enter through the Calexico/Mexicali and then Higway 2 west to Tecate, then south on Highway 3. Once you're on Highway 1 south it's a straight shot to here.

First of all, the immediate Border Zone has no papers requirement as it's a Free Zone until you reach the Ensenada area where it changes and you're expected to have a Tourist Card (really a Tourist Paper) when you're headed further south of there.

You can pick up a Tourist Card at any Border Crossing point, but you pretty much have to pull in yourself as there's no manditory stop unless you have commercial products that you'll be selling in Mexico. It's all really optional at that point. You're required to have either a: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, or Voters Registration Card and have to have at least one (better more) piece of official photo I.D. (Drivers License, State I.D. Card, etc.). They may be ask for your Passport, but as far as I know that's not a real requirement, unless they recently changed the rules. If you have a Passport just show it and if you don't, play the dumb gringo going on vacation who didn't hear about a new rule change, but you still have the other required I.D. and it's all government issued official I.D. (plus student cards, library cards or whatever else you have). You'll be issued a Tourist Card that cost $20.00, but you don't pay that at the Immigration Office, you take it to any bank and pay for it and they stamp the fee paid.

You're next chance to get a Tourist Card is on the highway (not directly on the toll road if you take that) before Ensenada. But there again you have to voluntarily pull into the Immigration check point as it's not a manditory stop for all vehicles (there's a lot of just local traffic). There is a notice on the Toll Road but you have to look for it and turn off to the check point. It's the same routine as above except that offically you're supposed to have a Tourist Card from that point south.

If you still haven't gotten your Tourist Card and you're south of the checkpoint, you'll go all the way to Guerrero Negro, just inside the Baja California Sur State Border, before the next checkpoint and even then there may be no Immigration Folks there (they are sometimes, and sometimes not). If there's Immigration Folks at that checkpoint they'll ask for your Tourist Card and if you don't have it they'll tell you you should have gotten it up north, ask you where you're going and why (tell them you're on vacation), ask for your regular I.D. and then issue you the Tourist Card. If it's past banking hours (or even if they're still open) you can just head south with the card and pay the fee at any bank along the way.

If you still haven't gotten the Tourist Card you'll be going all the way to just north of La Paz, where again there's sometimes Immigration Folks and sometimes not. It'll be the same routine as Guerrero Negro, so you just come on into La Paz and do the bank trip here, though in all likelyhood the Immigration's at that last check point will just tell you to go to the I.N.M. (Immigrations = Institute National of Migrations) and get your Tourist Card there.

Now for those who have read this far, always ask for the full 180 day ( 6 months) maximum on your Tourist Card, so that if you want to stay longer you can without having to go back to Immigrations and have the time added, which doesn't cost more but can be inconvenient. Plus with a 6 month Tourist Card you can go back to the States and come back in without having to get a new Tourist Card every time during that 6 month period, and save yourself another $20.00.

There is no requirement for cars coming into the Baja, other than they check the Auto box on you Tourist Card if you come with an Auto. You're expected to leave the country with your car when you leave, but it can be legally imported here too.

Well that's the info on all that and none of it is any kind of big deal or hassle, just easier than normal entry into any foreign country as the entire Baja is classified a Frontier Zone and as much more lax laws than going down the Mainland of Mexico.

Additionally, if your car/vehicle breaks down on the highway somewhere outside of any town just hang out and wait for the Green Angels (Mexico's free version of AAA, but better as they are machanics and fix your car free of labor cost, you just pay for the parts) who'll be along within a few hours and get you going again. At least one of the guys in the Green Angels Truck's speaks English and all are fully trained machanics, and they usually have all the common parts that break right there in their truck. Then again, chances are that some kind local folks will stop to help and have you on your way before the Green Angels even get there.


Magic Hat

We have been working on creating this Gathering, and the Eco-Village Project which has evolved from it, since last July (2003). The progress we've made is self evident in the attached report(s). All this has been done with a minimum of external (outside of local support) funding. All work and it's associated cost has been on a totally volunteer basis. After your review of the progress made, we believe that you will agree that we've been doing our jobs very well.

At this point we are in urgent need of funds that need to be applied toward: site preparation; covering transportation cost; purchasing material needs and setting up supply lines; and further extending of the Invitation and Information Packages to thousands of groups and individuals worldwide who should receive these, because their efforts fit the discription set forth in the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow (whether they realize it, or not).

On the latter, it would greatly help our efforts if each recipient of the communications we send out would: forward, or mail, them to your individual & group/project's mailing list(s); post to all alternative web-sites and their Calendars of Events worldwide; and submit them to you local/regional/global alternative media sources encouraging them to write articles and publish public service announcements further inviting their readers/listeners/viewers to attend and/or support the Gathering and assist with the Eco-Village Project.

Because we are blessed with an extremely large site there is no real limit as to how many people can attend (and some are already calling this event the 2004 Woodstock of the Environmental Movement).

All this takes some pretty - very serious funding and we have been exhausting our personal and local sources funding abilities, so now reach out for your assistance and ask that you be as generous as possible. Please, also, remember that this Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes and Eco-Village Project is taking place in a country where minimum wages are currantly at about $5.00 (U.S. Dollars) a day, so we are operating from an extremely disadvantaged local economic base.

We would appreciate any help you can extend to help put together your Gathering (for those considering attending) and the associated Eco-Village which will be a Resource Center for all peoples worldwide.

Even those who will not be able to come to the Gathering here, or participate in the near future in the Eco-Village Project, we ask that if you support the ideals & purposes of our efforts, and want to help us try to make it a better world for all life, that you consider supporting these Projects in whatever way(s) you can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering if, and in what ways, you can/will help us create the "deeds, not words" that will contribute toward fulfilling the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow. The Mother Earth is sick and the animals dying today. Now is the time for all of us to act.







homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rainbow2004mexico

novel about rainbow 21.Jan.2004 02:17


For an interesting inside look at rainbow check out the novel The Gathering at Big Sur

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And Here:  link to www.virtualbookworm.com

Book Description
Sex, drugs, radical environmentalism, communal drumming, wild dancing, nature worship and raging bonfires: Lara is thrown into the cauldron of the counterculture.Ensnared by affection. By dependency. By the ancient fear of being alone. Lara, a young woman in her early 20's, finds herself in California traveling with two men: a hobo street musician named Leatherwood and Paul, an escapee from Graduate School obsessed with the writings of J. Krishnamurti.

Feelin' Groovy 21.Jan.2004 14:23


On first reading of this announcement, my reaction was that this annual re-enacting celebration over the cadaver of Woodstock, fesitval of macrobiotic escapism into the delights of the spiritual and warm cameraderie was competing with the March 20 global protest against the U$ empire, and its current, more overt and aggressively bloody manifestations in Iraq and Afghanistan. That it served to diminish, the masses in the streets, at least in the U$, as it offered an alternative celebratory protest, of sorts, in balmy, tropical marine climes, unmarred by the phalanxes of glowering body armored jack boots and war toys lining the parade route.

But, perhaps both are manifestations of the same paliative resort to collective, symbolic ritual in the face of gross injustice, racism, nationalism and political power run amok. (I guess that would be fascism, no?)

Neither proposes to inflict the slightest subversion or truly threaten the progress of the overlords.

On that somber note, here's some allegorical entertainment...