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Films on Mumia and the Gaza Strip

Come to the Cascadia Rising Infoshop Sunday, Feb. 25th at 7 p.m. for some political films.
The feature of the evening will be films and a speaker on the critical situation that Mumia Abu Jamal is presently facing. We will also show a film about the situation in Palestine in 2003, focused on the reaction by the Israeli military to International Solidarity Movement work in defense of Palestinian civil rights, and the shooting of internationals in the Gaza Strip, including journalists filming there. Presently internationals are being denied entry into Gaza.

Tea will be provided, a donation of snacks would be most welcome. Books to Prisoners and the Justice for Mumia Coalition will have tables there with info about upcoming events and ways you can plug into prisoner support work. Book donations for Books to Prisoners would be much appreciated!

The Cascadia Rising Infoshop is located at 1540 S.E. Clinton. You can contact us at 503-230-8360, or write  cec@lists.riseup.net. Check out the website at:  http://www.geocities.com/crinfoshop/