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Republicans Cheer For Future Terrorist Threats

Are these guys listening, or do they just cheer puntuation?
Sick Cheer
Sick Cheer
When bush spoke about the expiration of the "Patriot" act coming soon, some democrats interupted him and applauded. Bush then looks in their dorection, and assures them that the "terrorist" threat would continue. At this point, many republicans jumped to their feet and roared approval.

Now, I'm sure its a small detail to many but, come on! Either work out better que's for applaus or PAY ATTENTION.

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I take it 20.Jan.2004 22:29

you have never heard

of war profiteering.

Don't worry. There will be plenty of plunder to go around.
You have paid your campaign dues, haven't you?

The Dems are just playing their roles.
If the morons weren't reassured
they can vote for the right party and go back to sleep,
they might try to interfer.

Now hug teddy and close your eyes.

so strange 21.Jan.2004 08:57

sadder but wiser

It is chilling to see those folk cheering the terrorist threat, but it has been pretty much of a godsend to them. They love the PATRIOT act, they love the terrorist threat, they love anything that will keep the people afraid and Big Bro in power.

(Either that or they are too stupid to realize what they were cheering for. Maybe a combination of both.)

I saw the applause and something else 21.Jan.2004 09:37


I saw the applause it was the Free Speech Zone of the address. And as if planned the next line assumed it would happen and the apes beat their chest for war. But I saw something else in that room of overfeed people in very expense clothes. I saw no one who didn't belong in prison. I think the difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the length that their sentence should be.

Who are the terrorists? 21.Jan.2004 10:33


I saw the response differently(clapping), perhaps because I see the enemy of our nation as the monied interests(real terrorists) that control our government. The clapping for the statement about more terrorism if we don't give up our rights is coming right from the horses mouth.

hooray 21.Jan.2004 15:08

for what?

"It is chilling to see those folk cheering the terrorist threat, but it has been pretty much of a godsend to them."

Yeah, according to PNAC all they need is a "new Pearl Harbor" and they're all set. And they got it. All I need is a rich uncle, but the odds being greatly against that also, that never happened. Bush is riding the Terror Ticket all the way. 9-11 = Bush carte blanche = Bush's answer to everything.The Terror Party, that's them. Republicans have been milking it for all it was worth since the day it happened, in many ways.

And that is Republicans. Like PNAC. Democrats are running scared, cowering, and kissing boot? Don't blame 'em. This adminstration not only works to stifle dissent, it retaliates at persons of consequence who cross it. Wilson's wife. O'Neill. And Wellstone, for us conspiracy nuts. We got a couple of really brave cracks out of McDermott, but no one wants to be a McKinney. Although I do think it is sickening to leave to the election process what should be left to the other processes (i.e., Bush's impeachment) guess who's running things and won't have it? Not the Democrats. It's easy for us persons of no consequence in their scheme of things to call it like we see it and refer to the Bush admin as Nazis, but it may not be so easy for people in the spotlight. This is one scary bunch of people. Don't blame the Dems if they're a bit intimidated, do you? But if we try to interfere, who do we put to the task, who do we have but the scared Dems who already took a whack anyway? Judge Judy ain't running the proceedings on "People's Court," because Bush ain't showing up for that.

You know what Bush's answer to impeachment is? 9-11. You can't impeach him because the resulting confusion would leave America in a vulnerable position to terrorists. Of course. They were saying that kind of stuff back when we wanted a recount, let alone after 9-11. So I have Teddy, and my one little vote. But even after all that, don't underestimate that vote. It was the horse Bush rode in on, and unless the next pretzel wins the match with Bush or he serves another term, it'll be the horse he rides out on. I may be able to barely stomach either the Republican party or the Democratic party, but I can still tell the diffference, and the Dems look like an improvement from here. Progress? That little difference is progress. Hell, some of us are praying right now just to not lose any more ground, let alone progress.

The dems are not intimidated 21.Jan.2004 15:57


They are part of the show.

Praying Not To Lose Any More Ground, Let Alone Progress 21.Jan.2004 17:29

that's pretty much it

in a nuts hell.

just wait for August 29, 2004 - RNC

transcript 21.Jan.2004 17:32

for those curious

Bush: ... the terrorist threat... the terrorist threat will not expire on that schedule.

[Massive cheering, applause, and a standing ovation from republicans]

also 21.Jan.2004 17:43

for those curious

This page has the video embedded in the page for those who are interested: