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Jose Mejia Poot--IT'S NOT OVER!! Hearing Thurs. Jan. 22 @ St. Andrew's

It has been almost 3 years since the killing of Mexican immigrant Jose Mejia Poot at the hands of Portland police. The Latino community has been trying that whole time to get some accountability from the Portland police for their racist and violent behavior. The police Citizen Review Committee TRIED to hear this case last year, and were prevented from doing so by City officials who sabotaged the process--this incident led to the resignation of the majority of CRC members, who denounced the entire "citizen review" process as a sham. Now the ex-CRC members are trying to carry out their responsibility as private citizens to make sure this case is not forgotten. Let's all be there to support them, and support our Latino brothers and sisters!
Public Hearing and Community Forum
Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 6 PM 4940 NE 8th Avenue
St. Andrew Community Center Portland, OR 97211

According to witnesses to the arrest of Jose Mejia Poot on March 30,
he was hit by the police after being 20 cents short on bus farer.

Almost three years after his death, six former Citizen Review
members of the Independent Police Review Division will hold a public
hearing to review a complaint of excessive police force against
Police Bureau members in the arrest of Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot.

Public Hearing : 6 PM Public Forum: 7:30 PM
* Observe the hearing
* make public comment
* provide input into formal recommendations
* Spanish Translation provided

Contact: TJ Browning, (503) 231-1319

Audiencia Pública y Foro Comunitario
Sobre el arresto de Jose Santos Victor Mejía Poot
Jueves 22 de Enero, 2004
Centro Comunitario Iglesia San Andrés
4940 NE 8th Avenida (esquina con Alberta)

Según testigos que presenciaron el arresto de Mejía Poot el 30 de
2001, este fue golpeado por la policía de Portland después de que le
faltaran 20 centavos de la tarifa del autobús. A casi tres años de su
muerte, antiguos miembros del Comité Ciudadano que Evalúan Asuntos
Policíacos revisarán la queja sobre el uso excesivo de fuerza durante
arresto. Para más información llame a TJ Browning (503) 231-1319