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Community urged to call Ladd's Meat bldg owner to tell him "NO to Starbucks in 7 Corners!"

You've probably seen the stories here on Portland IMC about how Starbucks wants to put a new store in SE Portland, in the area known as 7 Corners. Obviously, a lot of people are against it. That's an area of local businesses for the most part, and a lot of liberal or radical people who don't like Starbucks live there. I hear there's a meeting coming up to organize a campaign, but in the meantime, you could call the owner of the property, Peter Perrin, at (503) 890-7291 and tell him not to do it!
Remember, this is the guy who led people in the neighborhood to believe (at meetings and in other contact) that he would NOT be putting a Starbucks in there, and now suddenly there is. From what I've heard, this is one of those guys who buys and sells a lot of property in Portland, and doesn't seem to care what the community thinks. Even City Officials don't like him, since he often doesn't go along with their planning vision. In other words, nobody seems to like this guy, and it seems to be because he isn't a good neighbor.

Give him a call and tell you DO care, and you don't want a Starbucks in 7 Corners, and he ought to change his mind and sign a lease with someone else at this point.

and tell him what we DO want! 19.Jan.2004 16:24

The Friend, again

And definitely tell him what we DO want in the neighborhood -- a local business, not a chain, that will work with the neighborhood on traffic issues, will use local services, and can become part of the community as a whole. No Starbucks has ever fulfilled that role, and a place with REAL community, like 7 Corners, needs a REAL business, not a Starbucks.

Remember Seattle 19.Jan.2004 22:23


first seven corners -- what next, paris? 20.Jan.2004 02:50

oops. too late.

well, starsucks has its first cafe in paris now. lets hope the french are more resistent with their "voting dollars".

i hope this quote from the article is right:

"Starbucks is not going to compete with the French cafe," he said. "The cafe isn't just somewhere to drink coffee, it's a place where people go for social contact."

my solidary goes out to those resisting at seven corners. i would do the same if (when?) they attack the neighborhood i live in.

To "get a grip" 20.Jan.2004 11:09

7 corners neighbor

Why don't you read the issues, the news is there on various postings on this web site. Peter Perrin is a liar. He lied to the neighborhood, he made false assurances to us and it effects us in very serious ways. A high transit business is going to tie up an already dangerous interection.

Peter Perrin is a liar, a jerk and needs to be shamed by the community.

Quit making excuses for your anti-social actions.

starbucks pays benefits 20.Jan.2004 11:39


How many indy coffee shops pay benefits to their workers?

Oh sorry; wrong web site. Will probably get a reply here denying the advantage of any business paying benefits because all workers are slaves until the man is taken down and universal health care is enacted by President Nader or Kucinich. But until then, isn't a starbucky exploiting a worker less with some benefits than an indy exploiting a worker with no benfits?

Crumbs 20.Jan.2004 12:50

solidarity forever

Unless the workers at Star-$s have organized for their own welfare and concerns, and have made the terms of their labor, those "benefits" might as well be from Wal*Fart--and just as vaporous!

messages 20.Jan.2004 15:22

just call

just call, it's easy.

leave a message with him. if enough call, we can get him to seriously consider saying no.

oh, and starbucks pays benefits. how magnanimous. but they have no compunctions about ripping through a city and putting people out of work by buying up all the competition. soldiers of fascist armies get great healthcare, i'm sure. that's no reason to concede to their expansion.

keep it local. say no to starbucks.

Vote with your $? 20.Jan.2004 15:51


Not trying to be an ass, but if the people who live in the neighborhood don't go there won't they close?

Put Your Money 20.Jan.2004 17:18

WHere your mouth is

If you don't want him to sell the building to StarBucks then pass a hat and YOU buy the fucking building. It's great to scream and whine and moan about what you want or don't want but it's his building and he wants to sell it. You people are idiots.

Reply to Norm 20.Jan.2004 19:47

7 Corners Neighbor

The problem (and I'll repeat it again) for most of us neighbors who are organizing is that the Starbucks is oriented towards sales through the SE Division Street Traffic. If you visit the site, you'll see that there is no where for the traffic to go exept through the neighborhood.

This could have been discussed, etc if the property owner Peter Perrin had been truthfull. But he lied to the Neighbrhood Associations 3 times regarding the potential renters for the property.

Our concern is that it will be a major traffic problem for the neighborhood, an inconvience for the commuters on Division, etc.

In regards to Whining and the Lying Liars 20.Jan.2004 19:53

7 corners neighbor

Actually its you (and I think its either Peter Perrin or an Urban Works Jerks whos posting) who is whining.

It has been law in the US since the beginning of the country that we (the people remember?) can make limitations on the use of property. It's been upheld over and over.

It was the liar Peter Perrin along with Urban Works, who lied to undercut the laws of the City of Portland. This is still a country of PEOPLE not just of money and profits. People's needs cannot just be governed by wether or not an establishment is profitable.

It's not all just about you. Actually read what is being said and if you disagree, fine, let's talk about that. And if you want to continue whining call up your junkie hypocrite friend Rush Limbaugh.

Starbucks and Insurance 20.Jan.2004 19:56

A wob

Yes, Starbucks pays insurance IF you get enough hours. I was organizing a Starbucks once and it was really pretty interesting how folks could get full time/benefit level hours only if they took substitute shifts all over the region.

So yes, Starbucks offers benefits IN THEORY but not that often in practice.

why don't you protest to... 20.Jan.2004 20:00

ignatius reilly

get rid of that hellish baby-blue building on 12th with the gigantic "Budweiser" painted on it's roof...isn't that more hellish than a Starbucks?

Read the thread man (ignatius reilly ) 20.Jan.2004 20:13

7 Corners Neighbor

Read the thread, it has nothing to do with esthetics. If you want to protest an ugly building start your own thing.

Does anybody know??? 21.Jan.2004 11:25


If they arrogantly build this will this be the first Starbuck's with metal detectors at the entrance? Will they provide a heated area for shoe removal? And are they planning a way to get that rotten egg smell out of the carpet?