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Article In Portland Tribune on Cheney protest "tasteless"

The following article appeared on the front page of last Thursday's PORTLAND TRIBUNE, accompanied by three photographs . . . one of a protestor standing behind a high chain link fence topped by razor wire and emblazoned with "police line - do not cross" banners . . . one of an overkill number of riot police and police on horseback, standing between about 80 peaceful protestors in the "free speech" area and the Embassy Suites hotel where Cheney was speaking to about 65 donors . . . and a beaming portrait of Mr. Cheney himself.

The Bush administration's jaunts among the common people resemble, more and more, the movements of the world's dictators. Encased in bulletproof vehicles, isolated from the general public, and with any protest or demonstration of a differing view ushered into an isolated area where it cannot be seen or heard.

This is the policy of preemption carried to further extremes. If differing views are isolated and made insignificant, they need not be considered by an administration with its own agenda. All protestors are treated like nuts and terrorists, and their right to peacefully protest and make their point nullified by an administration that simply does not care what they think while paying lip service to "free speech."

This turn of events horrifies other free nations such as England and Australia which refused to make concessions for Bush that would have limited the rights of citizens to peacefully protest when he traveled there. The really horrifying thing is that -- here in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave -- a majority of citizens are simply accepting this bizarre turn of events in exchanged for perceived by largely non-existent "security."

[ Here is the article (with a few personal notes) ]