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"I Decided To Run For Mayor" of Eugene

Well it will be official by Tuesday folks... I am running for Mayor of Eugene under the name Eric G. Sephiroth, and this will be an awesome race! Right now it looks like Kitty Pierce (sp?) is going to be a progressive candidate as well, running against Nancy Nathanson who is a right wing nutcase like the current mayor Jim Torrey. But this year Torrey is resigning so I decided, why not? That's what you get for listening to too much Jello Biafra.

I decided to also include some of the ideas from the 1934 Upton Sinclair, and 2003 Linda Averill campaigns for CA Governor and Seattle City council, respectively. The platform is still sketchy but here are some positions:

Bike paths on both sides of every single Eugene street.

A 50-cent gas tax.

Bus services available 24-7.

No "research lab" along the Willamette.

No gentrification of low income housing.
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