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William F. Pepper and MLK

To merely honor King as a cartoon poster boy for racial unity and Christian brotherhood is to not fully understand his legacy and the meaning of his death. William F. Pepper outlined the case against the local, state, and federal government in the meticulously orchestrated state-sponsored execution of a dissident. King's ultimate crime was that he managed to transcend rhetoric and build an effective multi-racial coalition to challenge the power structure.
"Act of State: The Execution of Dr. Martin Luther King"
by William F. Pepper

"Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King"
by William F. Pepper
 link to www.amazon.com

Both of these books can be had from the Beaverton Library. I'm not sure about their availability in Portland. Laughing Horse Books carried a single copy of "Act of State," but I bought that. Powell's website claims they have about a dozen in their warehouse. Currently, there is only the hardcover version of "Act of State" available and it goes for $25. Amazon is offering it for $17.50 (free shipping, though their privacy policy leaves much to be desired... translation: your account information may be purchased by the highest bidder or provided to authorities).

"Orders to Kill" outlines Pepper's case in linear, chronological fashion, essentially as he will present his case in the 1999 civil trial against Jowers. "Act of State" is a slimmer recap of "Orders to Kill" with additional material from the 1999 trial against Jowers. Best way to approach them is to read "Act of State" for an overview and then "Orders to Kill" to fill in details.

Here are a couple of promising links I found at SF Indymedia on Pepper:

Here is an energetic refutation (hatchet job?) of Pepper by David J. Garrow from a 1998 Salon article:

Finally, in order to fully explore the opposition's case against Pepper, one may wish to read Gerald Posner's "Killing the Dream." I don't put much credence in Posner, but he does a serviceable enough job of articulating the government's position on the King assassination.
 link to www.amazon.com

better link to use 19.Jan.2004 12:02


Thanks for diggin up my old post with the audio on Pepper. I was thinking of reposting the html....

Here's a better link to use:  http://makeashorterlink.com/?Z10921D17
(goes to a google cache of a radio.indymedia.org summary post I did - and the "no story to tell" bug killed the radio.indymedia.org post, so that's why I'm giving you a link to google)

Pepper's book is a must-read. I highly recommend the audio at the links above too.