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World Social Forum in full swing

Since it is only noon and there are many, many seminars, panel discussions and workshops to attend I will breifly outline the scene. Busy, in a word. This is Mumbai India and it is quite humid and hot. People, roughly 100,000 of them, are everywhere traveling singly, with affinity groups and in pairs to go to skill and information sharing forums on all aspects of the movement. I attended two talks this morning, catching half of each. The first was NAFTA & FTAA the Global North meets the Global South, organized by Grassroots Global Justice and the Second was titled simply enough, WTO and was WSF organized.

I left the GGJ talk because sound issues and because I came to hear about NAFTA and after two speakers on the panel it was not really addressed. Or mentioned really. I am sure they got to it eventually. I ambled over to the WTO talk and was pleased to hear powerful orators talking in Spanish with competent interperetors translating competently. The focus was the link between bilateral and regional trade agreements and the WTO. The two are really different roads leading to the same scortched earth. However, in Bilateral and Regional agreements, the pressure of the United States or another 1st World economic force such as Britian or France is more directly and powerfully felt.

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