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No Startbucks on Division Campaign

We need to create a full fledged campaign against this starbucks on Division
I propose we hold at meeting at the cascadia rising infoshop. Its at 16th and Clinton. We could use the infoshop as our base of operations for this campaign. i bet they'd let use their phone and internet and space to make signs for rallies and hold meetings etc.

We need to have a coalition building team.. a press team... and print media team... a canvassing team... etc.... this is a cause that we could rock the house on. people hate starbucks... i don't know everything about campaigning but i know a bit and i bet other people in the neighborhood have these skills too and we can get starbucks out of our neighborhood!

I propose that people who are interested in being a motivating volunteer or funding this campaign come to a meeting on Tuesday the 27th at 6:30pm...

let us not set this date in stone... lets see what the comments say... if someone is really into the idea but can't come we can reschedule.
Dear Mr. Star Buck 15.Jan.2004 19:04


Just a quick note to let you know you are not wanted in this community. You and your firm represent much of what we despise. Knowing this in advance will save us, time, and for you money. Should you insist on coming into the neighborhood be assured we will use your site as an information headquarters as to why Starbucks is a danger to the world.

In closing it has been said that the purpose of business is to fine and maintain customers, in this part of town this tenet of business will fail.

i'm down 15.Jan.2004 19:32

NEVER been to a starSucks

i'm down with getting involved however i can. not sure if i can make the time, but i'm willing to help in other ways. i'll wait and see what others say...

Just set the time and they will come 15.Jan.2004 20:21



Just set the time and folks will show up. Put posters up around the neighborhood too.

Just so you know, 16.Jan.2004 02:16

the only starbucks in the entire corporation that failed

was the one located right in downtown PORTLAND--YES!!!--and in the Central Library at that. Could this be proof that educated (and being Portlanders, spirited) people don't like starbucks?!?!?!?!?! What a public image blow to the company!!!
The library venture failed naturally-----and I'm sure the 21st and Division effort doesn't stand a chance on socially conscious territory.

What? 16.Jan.2004 08:46

PortlandVegan Rhodk269@hsd.k12.or.us

Perhaps I'm just a petty little ignorant high school kid, but I rather enjoy Starbucks. Presently, I don't have any reason to stop my soy-hot chocolate consumption(never actually had coffee from Starbucks). Is there some reason I should stop consuming their hot chocolates?

Grr 16.Jan.2004 10:04


You got that one right. You are a petty ignorant little high school chippie. Does not surprise me though as anyone who would be a rah-rah girl for the Oregon Humane Society would surely also support Starbucks.Get yourself an education outside the classroom. Sorry, I really did not intend to be so harsh on you but you really do need to remove those rose tinted glasses and observe the world around you. We were all young and naive once so there is still hope for you. Must give you some credit though at least you read Indy. Think for yourself. See things through your own eyes not those of others. Good luck. Hope to see you at the meeting.

Starbucks has Israeli ties... 16.Jan.2004 12:29

I hate $tarbuck$

Here's one of many reasons the high school vegan and everyone else should avoid Starbucks:

Starbucks is for all practical purposes an Israeli company. Starbucks has ties to Israel. Everytime you give money to Starbucks, you're murdering Palestinians and other innocent people.

Less specifically, Starbucks has all the negatives of a typical multinational megacorporation.

about Starbucks 16.Jan.2004 14:50


This article has some information and links to other sites :


One of the comments mentions Sam Bucks, a real person with her own coffee shop.
I think if you put her name in the search engine at this site you will find several articles.

Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks, is an enthusiastic supporter of the state of Israel -- active zionist, some say. He has made, in public, statements about Palestinians which can only with the utmost charity be called ignorant and inflamatory. In short, many people here consider him scum.

Of course, Starbucks shares with McDonalds the distinction of being a blood-thirsty international corporation.

Don't mind Dave. He is probably a troll.

Curious 16.Jan.2004 17:14


I was just curious about the Sam Buck's comments that I searched for it in the business registry database. Notice the person's name is not "Sam Bucks", its "Sam Buck-Lundberg". Plus, the registry date (which doesn't really mean much as far as intellectual property law goes, date of use is usually the key) is pretty recent. My own first impression from the limited facts I know would be that they're trading on Starbucks name for their own commercial purposes.

Starbucks may be right on this one, but its coffee, philosophy, and operations still suck. Plus they closed down a Seattle's Best downtown and put a few people out of work. If you need a downtown fix, try the coffee house at Broadway and Alder. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Registry Nbr Entity Type Entity Status Jurisdiction Registry Date Duration Date Renewal Date
071264-93 ABN ACT 03-20-2002
Foreign Name
Affidavit? N

New Search Printer Friendly Associated Names
Addr 2

The Authorized Representative address is the mailing address for this business.
Type REP AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE Start Date 03-20-2002 Resign Date
Addr 2

Where I live 16.Jan.2004 17:36


If your name is Sam Buck, and women are specifically permited to use their birth-names, as appears to be the case here, you have an absolute right to conduct business under that name.

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. However, unless Starbucks Corp is willing to prove in court that their customers are too stupid to distinguish "Star" from "Sam", they will have difficulty wresting her name from her.

To Dave 16.Jan.2004 20:24

PortlandVegan portlandvegan@hotmail.com

Consider your persuasion tactic. In my personal opinion, it seems rather uneffective if your firing these comments off to a conservative(I was once one) in an effort to educate them.
Why must you "give me credit" for reading indymedia? Is this impressive? I never saw anything especially impressive about it, as I've been following it for roughly 11 months.
Think for myself? What gives you the impression that I don't? I'm an animal rights, and peace activist. Think before you assume ;)
Fortunately thinking with my own mind, and not viewing the world with the world's eyes has always been in me. The last thing I want, is to conform to the world's behaviors, and reason like the world(way too much I disagree with).

hoo hoo! 17.Jan.2004 04:11


i'm makin' a stencil! starbucks sucks...

Why Starbucks is Bad 17.Jan.2004 12:23


It takes business away from small businesses. Much of the money spent on those hot chocolates goes out of Portland. People have to compete more and more for less and less money.

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy happier 29.Jan.2004 15:47

need a J.O.B

Do you think this proposed Starbucks will comply with ADA? I'm in recovery, and need a JOB ASAP. I could also act as a scout/spy for the indymedia peeps - make sure ya'll know the goings on INSIDE Starbucks...