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half a walnut and a pat of butter

Homeless from coast to coast require more attention.
According to Daryl Khan, a staff writer for New York City News, a homeless man known only as Chino was found dead in an encampment under the Sheridan expressway this morning. I know, some would just say, "Life is tough", and move on. Perhaps it is all right to think that he "died of natural causes", but it was not natural for him to have to curl up on a single mattress, with only the clothes on his back for warmth on a bitterly cold night. At the temperatures registered, a person's skin would freeze within 15 minutes. How did he survive as long as he did? His only belongings were found in a Reebok shoebox. Inside were a collection of lighters, half a walnut and a pat of butter. Chino is simply one of thousands left homeless from coast to coast, and his death is a small blip on the radar screen. But is it? Is it all right to think, "Well, what can we do?" I struggle to find answers too. Finding a person alone in freezing weather with only a meager breakfast waiting, should he or she make it to morning, says something about the rest of us. We cannot go out and bring everyone inside, I suppose, but we could ask why here in Portland the homeless are harassed by authorities. We can find out if there are plans for opening temporary shelters when the need comes. We can take food to the food bank or to other agencies that need it. We can demand that the corporate media take up at least part of its broadcasting to alert us about the desperate needs in the community and not wait for the "found dead" stories
colder than you thought 15.Jan.2004 19:20


I just heard it is colder in New York than on Mars today.

mars? 17.Jan.2004 18:00

blue eyes

colder than mars? we better send an astronaut there so we'll know for sure.