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Dean supporters are told to vote for Kucinich by AOL survey

When people actually look at issues, they might be surprised to see who they should support.
True story: Some liberals I know who totally love Dean went to AOL/Time's www.presidentmatch.com site, took the survey on some issues, and were then told that the candidate that most closely represented their liberal views was Kucinich. Dean came up something near last. They couldn't believe it. Seems like some Dean supporters don't know their candidate that well. Liberal Dean supporters have a hard time believing that their anti-war hero is such a right-winger.

I want to Bush to lose, but I think we need to do a little work on the guy who everyone is getting so excited about. I don't know if it's possible, but I want to try to push Dean a little to the left--a little closer to where his supporters think he is. I guess I would vote for the guy if it were him vs. Bush, but I would be much less disgusted by doing so if he had a decent position on the death penalty, or free trade, or health care, or the war, or....
If this guy really is going to be our next president (I'm not so sure, but anyway) we should start trying to move him now.

Tell your Dean lovin friends to take the survey! And then tell them to tell Howie what they think, instead of just wearing the button.

**Warning** Website below is AOL/Time crap (but worth checking out, in my opinion)

homepage: homepage: http://www.presidentmatch.com

Yes we know Kucinich is the better man for the Job 15.Jan.2004 18:13

Dean Supporter

But shit, the guy is a no starter. And Dean still matches up 85%... plus they have no button to exclude members of the Skull and Bones... or to exclude people who served in the military. One of Dean's strengths is admitting I won't agree with him. Lots of times I don't, but more importantly lots of times I do.

The average american can't even pronounce the name Kucinich. How do you expect them to vote for him.

presidential survey 15.Jan.2004 19:05


My score:

Kucinich 100%
Gephardt 90%
Sharpton 89%
Kerry 82%
Dean 77%
Clark 76%
Edwards 72%
Lieberman 63%

I've been a Kucinich supporter from the start. This survey affirms that I've chosen the right person for me.
I feel he's the right person for America. I know he's not tops in the mainstream media polls (but he did win
the truthout.org poll with 44.5% of the vote, Dean was 12% behind) but I hope they're proven wrong when
the voting (excluding the DC primary) begins.

The problem with the survey 16.Jan.2004 06:50

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

And this is VERY important if you want to understand politics in a democracy.

DEMOCRACY IS NOT A POLL. Not a set of questions determining best match as a percentage with matching on the MOST issues meaning the candidate (or party) you prefer. The issues are rarely of equal weighting and there could have been ONE question not on the list which is what really matters, what we tend to call "litmus test" issues. Quesitons which will decide a voter for or against REGARDLESS of how good the match is on all the other questions.

Nor are our say's equal. This is an election for PRESIDENT and we do NOT elect our presidents by popular vote. Thus in the matter of a choice of a Democratic candidate for president..........

1) The preferences of people being polled who live in states ANY Democratic candidate is certain to lose count ZERO
2) The preferences of people in states ANY Democratic cadidate is certain to win count ZERO
3) The preferences in states where SOME Democratic candidates would certainly lose but others might win count heavily. This is especially true if this is a "must win" state, a state without whose electoral votes a Democratic candidate has little chance.
4) After taking 1-3 into account, the preferences of an individual voter in a small (low population) state is worth more than those of an individual voter in a large state. I'm going to repeat this -- we do NOT elect our president by NATIONAL popular vote. The system was set up this way in the first place to make our "federation of states" more equal <otherwise, of the original 13 states, VA, PA, and NY could just have rotated the presidency ignoring the wishes of people in the other 10 >> It's easy to forget this because of the concentration the candidates show in campaigning in the big states where there are more electoral votes to be won PER VIST. An individual Sorth Dakota voter might have three times the "say" of an indivual voter in Oregon but a trip to Portland cand influence a hell of a lot morer voters than a trip to Pierrre.