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Let's not doublespeak

Let's be more accurate, call it a Gulag
We should not call these holding pens "Free Speech Zones". The term is itself a lie. The intent is to restrict free speech. Instead, use the term Gulag. You reinforce their thought system by using their terminology.

The holding pens do not look like any free speech zone I've ever seen. America is supposed to be a free speech zone. What happened there? Sent to Gulag.
Absolutely 15.Jan.2004 16:18

Catalina Eddie

No patriot would ever consent to being herded into one of those pens.
Those who have done so in the past; please, never allow it again.
Its sorta like digging ones own grave.


next thing you know 15.Jan.2004 17:58


Nest thing we know, they will be grinding up our own kind and feeding it to us in those pens-oh, wait- it's already being done...

so 15.Jan.2004 18:25


so we need to take the barriers and advance them in a line?

how to separate the militant protesters from the ones that 'dont want any trouble'....?

id hate to get a senior accidentaly shot with a paintball full of pepper powder...


and i dont want to make protests only viable for masochists

but really lets brainstorm on this...

post links to any discussions u know of that make avail. cheap defensive mateiriel for distro....

or links to any info on what happened to the group of armored folks in miami FTAA protests...i heard they were all arrested.

ive been to a protest with 300 people all separated by barriers, a couple people shouted against it, but it just seemed like the rest of the folks werent amenable to doing anything about it.

im sick of the blame being brought down on a few 'anarchist troublemakers' we either need MASS BACKING or we need not trouble the liberals, theyll hate us for standing up to the system, and theyre the ones we should be getting to see things our way..

it's happening 15.Jan.2004 21:10

trust me

I am one of the dreaded Liberals, I guess...late in coming to see the true value of real protest. I always hoped that our voices alone could be enough to make changes. But I see that those who push the edge are the ones making the difference. The issue is to push that edge but not to lose our best warriors to the crush. How do we do that? How do we bring out the masses and not end up mowed down by the robocops? That is what I wonder. We do need to think this through.

The Art of War 16.Jan.2004 11:39

Ho Chi Minh

Avoid robocops.

Treat the masses as individual human persons.

The purpose of warfare is to win.

re: art of war 16.Jan.2004 23:43

mad hatter

its good to seee someone elsee aruond here reading the Art of War too. i highly reccomend it.