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Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun Endorses Howard Dean

Ambassador Braun dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Howard Dean today. You can read more about it at www.deanforamerica.com
The article is posted below.
Carroll, Iowa-- Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun endorsed Governor Howard Dean at a rally here today:

"Governor Dean has the energy to inspire the American people, to break the cocoon of fear that envelopes us and empowers President Bush and his entourage from the extreme right wing. And he has a program to put our country back on track to tax fairness, job creation, balanced budgets, and an economy that works for everyone regardless of race or sex.... He understands that the real war on terrorism starts with putting the domestic security of the American people first. He can, as they say, work well with others around the world and craft a foreign policy that is neither arrogant nor preemptive but that begins with respect and builds on alliances. He takes seriously our stewardship of the planet and our environmental responsibilities.

"Howard Dean is a Democrat we can all be proud to support.... When barriers of gender and race fall in America, our nation is richer for it. And all Americans will benefit from the opening up of a reservoir of talent and capacity and contributions and ideas that have been locked up for far too long."

Howard Dean made the following statement on the endorsement:

"Ambassador Braun has represented the best aspects of our democracy. She was the first woman to be elected to the Senate from Illinois and the first African-American woman to ever serve in the US Senate.

"Ambassador Braun has always represented change and inclusion. That is how we are going to win this election and reclaim power for the American people. She understands that Americans can make a difference with their vote and that each and every American must vote.

"Her endorsement shows our campaign continues to grow and become more diverse. On Monday in Iowa, voters will tell the special interests that it's time to go home, we are here to reclaim our government."
reasoning 16.Jan.2004 12:16

ben maras

I bet that she'll get a position in his cabinet if he gets elected ... I saw her defending him against Rev. Al on the last debate, and that's what it seemed like to me.