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Global oil production expect to begin permanent decline in the next six years

Global oil production is expected to peak and begin a permenant decline within the next 6 years. Massive disruption to the oil dependent world economy expected.
Discovery of new reserves peaked 40 years ago. We now consume 4 bls to 1 discovered.
Here are many articles on the peak and decline of oil reserves. Hopefully reading them will give you some insight into the severity of the problem. Still, I don't know why the only media outlet to cover the issue was National Public Radio. I think it's because when it comes to issues of over consumption and overpopulation, the media would prefer to confort people with a myth, instead of shedding light on people's irresponsible life styles. Either way, overconsumption, while it is good for business, will create a nightmare for the peoples of this earth. Also, thanks have to be given to the religeous right for doing everything possible to increase the population. Some how condoms are evil, yet breeding and creating tons of unwanted children is somehow moral. I'll get off my soapbox. Please read this and pass the information on. Thanx.

Peak Oil and militarism 15.Jan.2004 17:45


After reading and giving some thought to this peak oil situation, one can only conclude that Bush and his oil crowd are doing what thugs and bullies have always done when they run a little low on supplies: they take it from those who have what the thugs do not. In this case, the entire oil-driven racket known as "Modern Civilisation" is going to an over heated screaching halt as its crank case runs dry. The Project For a New American Century is the game plan to get hold of the last resourses, and the Iraq/ Afganistan war is only the early stage of that project of aquisition. Democracy in the Middle East? Hah! It's oil, baby. 100% Oil.

its true 15.Jan.2004 18:29


just think, if the oil robber-barons use up the rest of the worlds oil reserves first, or as much as they can get, just think how much richer these bastards will get when they charge tip-top dollar for the oil extracted from our territory...

essentialy the peak in oil production does not mean there is not oil (im sure you all get this) but that it simply becomes more difficult to extract, thus fetching more $$$$$

OPEC Mulls Move To Euro For Pricing Crude Oil 15.Jan.2004 18:35

dollar collapse

OPEC is considering a move away from using the U.S. dollar and to the euro to set its price targets for crude oil, the highest-profile manifestation of the debilitating effect of depreciation on the greenback's standing as the currency of international commerce.

"On a symbolic level, I think it's huge, not only for what it says about the U.S. dollar, but also the implied change to the nature of energy trading worldwide in the future," said Wilf Gobert, vice-chairman of Peters & Co. Ltd.

time 4 culture change 16.Jan.2004 10:57

sphinx moth

the oil collapse and oil theft from Iraq is also accompanied by oil corporations buying up alternative energy..

British Petroleum bought up the largest manufacturer of solar photovoltiac cells in an effort to control the alternative energy market..

there are also so called alternative energy corporations like San Jose based Cal-Pine (recieved billions in start-up funding from Enron) that are attempting to drill Medicine Lake (sacred to Nor-Cal indigenous peoples) for geothermal and import liquified natural gas into Humboldt Bay from Bolivia (against the will of campesinos) and other struggling nations..

The petrochemical corporations are aware of the upcoming petroleum collapse and are attempting to control the alternative enrgy market after they maximize profits from stolen Iraqi oil..

We need a culture change, riding bikes and returning to a natural lifestyle free from petrochemical pesticides and plastics..

Another site based in Arcata CA (humboldt) advocates alternative living in the face of the upcoming petroleum collapse. Also find links to allaince for a paving moratorium..

Bikes rock! SUVs suck!

After oil 11.Feb.2004 02:56

John Busby

Your readers may be interested in my solutions for the UK when oil is in short supply.

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Kind regards

John Busby