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The Daily Poetry Movement

Last night I had a dream that my friends and I were digging through these amazing dumpsters. There was so much wonderful stuff. They were brimming with trash that I could use! There was a lake nearby and we came from the clean clear waters of the lake and we started to take out the beautiful furniture the rich threw away. We found entire households thrown into the trash and in my head I wrote this poem. So here is the poem I wrote in my sleep. Rise up good people! Refuse! Resist! Recycle!
A very Used and slighly wrinkled poem
by MB

I dumpstered this poem for you
some said it was slimy, it was rotten
other said it was with out a trademark
others said it was last years news
but I tugged and I dug
and I found it for you
I wanted something special
something with history
it didn't need to be beautiful
I'd add beauty of my own
It didn't need to be shiny
the way you are to me
it didn't need glamour
for you are my amour
it didn't need nothin but to not
end up in a landfill
piled up, generation after generation
unusable, but taking up room,
so please copy left
and dig it out of the trash.
Take my poem, and
It's not broken, at the very bottom
beneath this smudge
it says liberation will be ours
and the earth will be free.
I know people think this is a front
but this is so very real,
it truly says I love you.