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Man Executed While Pleading "I'm not guilty, God help me."

A man in Ohio who was executed by lethal injection 1/14 struggled for his life until the end. What a sad and horrible story of "justice". This story is posted on the cnn website.
Link to story:  link to www.cnn.com

LUCASVILLE, Ohio (AP) -- A murderer whose claims of mental retardation were rejected by the courts was executed Wednesday after struggling with guards and pleading for his life until the last moment.

Lewis Williams, 45, was put to death by injection for fatally shooting a 76-year-old woman during a robbery at her Cleveland home in 1983.

Four guards were needed to lift Williams from his knees and pry his hand off the edge of a table before carrying him into the death chamber. As he was strapped to the execution table he cried, "I'm not guilty. God, help me."

At least nine guards restrained him as they prepared his arms and inserted needles. One guard standing at his head alternately restrained him and patted his right shoulder to comfort him.

Williams repeatedly shook his head and tried to lift himself off the preparation bed. He yelled several times, then rested his head and spoke, appearing to whisper or chant quietly.

Williams kept pleading even as the warden pulled the microphone away after his final official statement: "God, please help me. God, please hear my cry." He was pronounced dead at 10:15 a.m.

His mother, Bonnie Williams, 66, sobbed in an adjacent room separated by a window.

"It was an awful thing to watch," assistant state public defender Stephen Ferrell said. "The struggle caught us by surprise. He didn't seem to be like that this morning."

It was the first time witnesses in Ohio saw members of the execution team insert the needles that delivered the lethal drugs into the condemned inmate's arms.

The decision by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to allow the process to be viewed settled a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union in September, said prisons system director Reginald Wilkinson.

Wilkinson said officials would review what happened with Williams.

"I would say it was disturbing. I would say it was traumatic," Wilkinson said. "It was probably as traumatic as anything our staff has gone through."

Williams was executed for shooting Leoma Chmielewski in the face during a robbery in her home.

Williams professed his innocence in a death row interview with The Associated Press last month, saying he was in Chmielewski's house the night she died but left before she was killed.

His execution, originally set for June, was delayed while a judge considered his claim that he was mentally retarded and therefore ineligible for the death penalty. The judge rejected the claim after an expert hired by Williams' attorneys found that he was not mentally retarded.

Williams was the ninth inmate executed in Ohio since the state resumed the death penalty in 1999.


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I wonder...? 15.Jan.2004 21:50


I wonder if he was just repeating what the 76 year old woman had pleaded right before he shot her in the face back in 1983..."Please God help me"...

I wonder 15.Jan.2004 22:53


I wonder if you got your idea for your sick "quote" from G.W. Bush.

You should learn just how many folks on death row are truly innocent.
That is why there exist muliple projects to exonerate them.

I would not be surprised at all if the man was innocent. He would be among the majority of those on death row.

They walk of death 17.Jan.2004 19:15

Raymond Arigoni

Words can not describe the pain in the eyes of this man. He should of been heavily sudated on something. I mean the man is about to die. Every death row inmate should be on some sort of tranqulizer before the dreadfull walk. And for George Bush, killing this man does not bring back the victim. It only gives the devil want he wants, An eye for an eye. Capital Punishment is nothing more than a long waiting suicide for the inmates. The life of David Gale explains it perfectly. I know your saying its just a movie, but gettysburg, and pearl harbor was just a movie to.

Only a man 17.Jan.2004 23:54

Raymond Arigoni

Who are whe GOD. Well if we are not god, we are sure trying to act like him. How many people die in this world today. It is more than a math scientist can count. George Bush is adding deaths to this world. You cant fight fire with fire. In other words the example George Bush is trying to put out is an eye for an eye. You kill him, we will kill you. I laugh at how pathetic this justice system is.

Responce 19.Jan.2004 16:24

Adam Snyder

Raime what is said is bull shit! Eye an eye is good thing! We don't need to wast our money on inmate's!

Waiting for the End 16.Dec.2005 16:19

jerooney bigwormjenny1@verizon.net

"Mine is the reveange,I will pay",Our lord says so in The Last Testament,
Who we are to take justice that come from heaven,we are not making justice at all,just committing the same crime,there is not deterrence people will keep on killing,at least living they would suffer and have plenty of time to show remorse and help the young to be away from crime.It's time for Jesus to come back and make divine, real justice that is my great hope.

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