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One Finger Can Get You Two Years

US pilot fined for rude gesture as tension increases

An American Airlines pilot was fined nearly $17,000 on accusations he made an obscene gesture when being photographed at the airport as part of entry requirements for US citizens, officials said.

Brazil imposed the new rules that Americans be fingerprinted and photographed at entry points in response the similar rules in the United States for citizens of Brazil and other countries whose citizens need visas to enter.

The pilot, Dale Robin Hersh, lifted his middle finger while undergoing the new security process at Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport, said federal prosecutor Matheus Baraldi Magnani.

I remember when security cameras started appearing everywhere a few years before 9-11. I used to get freaked out at their ever increasing presence. I liked to flip them off everywhere I saw them, and would encourage my children to do the same.
Now they are so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them anymore.

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BFD 15.Jan.2004 14:37

Gawd Bley-ahs Amurca!

Though it's wrong to fine a guy 17k, I can't help but laugh at what an asshole the pilot must be. It's ok for Amurca to fingerprint folks entering their country, but heaven forbid that somebody do the same thing to Amurcans.

agreed 15.Jan.2004 17:24

ed harley

fuck the arrogant pilot. he's probably some bu$h-loving ex-military puke anyway.

Air Rage 16.Jan.2004 03:10

frequent amtrak rider

Great! Just the kind of arrogant, hothead you'd want to have up in the cockpit.

Would he, perceiving that another plane cuts him off, goose the throttle and pull up close--too close--and flip the finger?

Would this be one to be armed in the cockpit?

Their canning these guys for blood alcohol levels--how about for emotional stability?

Fly American Airlines 16.Jan.2004 10:52


We're #1!!!
We're #1!!!
We're #1!!!

The middle finger 20.Jan.2004 11:03

Our rights chris_19_37814@yahoo.com

The middle finger is a a form of expression. I think the finger was warnted. I know every time I give the middle finger I have good reasons why. If that is the way we want to express ourselves. We have the right too. The freedom or speech and expression.

1710 Wells Rd. Apt 1137 Orange Park Fl. 32073

Signing With The Middle Finger "Means POISON" 15.Mar.2004 10:16

Judson Witham jurisnot@aol.com

I spent hours flipping through a "SIGNING DICTIONARY" a couple weeks ago and found the Sign for the Word Poison. It is the extention of the MIDDLE FINGER and repeatedly touching it to the lips.


Amurca sucks 29.Mar.2004 16:08

Ignant Amurcan. lick@balls.com

Yeah, though you can rag on Amurca just think of what 'yer doin' by extending on why you're extending upon a story of a guy portrayed by the media.
Oh wait, I should shut up right now, because I forgot that you're right. All Americans are ignorant jerks. All Euros are pompous fuckheads. All Latinos are lazy. Oh, wait.... Hmmm, maybe we could just be pissed off for no reason. Ah, whatever. I guess I'm just like any other American and a fool for just laughing and moving onto the next story. Personally, I think of more important things to risk deleterious speech upon, rather than categorizing people that you dislike by commenting on them for an unrelated reason (like you did). I agree with chris and that it's a right to be able to express your gestures (e.g. middle finger).