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Free speech zone?

Are we cattle, or just a burden to the political establishment, to be herded into boxcars and disposed of?
Free Speech Zone? Why not free speech boxcars, free speech delousing stations, free speech concentration camps? I was appalled to see the cyclone/barbed wire fences around local citizens who were merely attempting to have their words heard by the political establishment. The visual of jackbooted thugs surrounding the fence was way too reminiscent of another fascist regime in another time and another place. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."-uh huh. Where the hell is the righteous indignation? Where is the public outcry? Surely they cannot all be locked behind cattle guards and cyclone fences.
i agree 15.Jan.2004 09:25


if part of the reason of free speech is so we can petition our "leaders" for a "redress" of government, would we need to get *NEAR* them in order to have them hear us, and think about what we are asking?

If a protester is yelling in the middle of a forest [or barbed wire cage away from all ears], does anyone hear it?

What are the implications? 15.Jan.2004 10:17

Fred Bauer

The fact that they have set up a special free speech zone implies that the rest of the country, our country, is not free.

I agree w/ the "agree'er"... 15.Jan.2004 12:26

Father Time

I've heard alot of banter back and forth here between the "we must protest at the site" side and the "downtown is better" side. And I agree with the agree'er - What good does it do to protest at a location that is very difficult to get to (I walked through a marsh to find it), where we are behind a fence, and where the only person who can <MAYBE> see us is the Veep for 7 seconds on his way in or out?

I appreciate the spirit of those who did show given the number of attendees - and the drums, ahh, the drums, were a definite lifesaver given the weather, as well as a huge moral boost. Thanks guys/gals! Anyway, I don't think we could argue we accomplished anything other than making ourselves feel good about being there.

In this day and age of the infernal "moving picture box" and instantaneous satellite transmission, it doesn't matter where you are. No one can tell me that it wouldn't have been more effective to have 500 or 1000 people downtown, offsite, than to have 50-60 (when I was there at least) behind a fence at a venue where no one except the veep and the police - who are never going to change their minds anyway - are the only ones who can see you. And anyone outside the northwest watching on the tube, the ones we arguably are doing this to educate, don't know the airport from downtown anyway.

In my opinion, all the in-fighting and misdirection (whether honest mistake of cointelpro) did us in on this one...