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for wanting more detailed info on Bush-family Nazi connections...

for those of u wanting more detailed info on the Bush-family Nazi connections, then follows is a
listing of downloadable sites that should satisfy your curiosity to the max...
repostings 4 u

-Caveat Lector-

White Rose is the most extensive website detailing the support
of Hitler's Nazi regime by the Bush family and other predatory
U.S. businessmen. It has won many awards from anti-fascist


This information is extremely important in the current political
situation. So the author, Glen Yeadon, has made a zip file of
the entire site (487 files, 5808145 bytes), and it's available at:


Please download this 6 MB file (which takes about 20 minutes by
modem, or 30 seconds by DSL or cable), and put it in a directory
(folder) on your disk.

You can unzip it (using WinZip, etc.), and put all the files into
that directory. You can then read them with your web browser,
starting at the file whiterose.htm .

You can also upload the files to a directory on your website,
and thereby instantly create a White Rose mirror site. (Almost
all Internet accounts come with free web space of at least
10 megabytes.)

We urge you to make a mirror site if the original on spiritone.com

But please download the zip file now, in case cosmicpenguin.com


Since this information is so important it is vital that as many
people as possible download a copy of the zip file and keep it.

If you have any questions, please write me at  mark@cosmicpenguin.com
or Glen at  gdy52150@spiritone.com