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NBC Spends Evening News Cheerleading for Bush

It was wall-to-wall Bush promotion on NBC Nightly News this evening. A taste of things to come?
In the first of what will probably be many opportunities to shove pResident Bush down the throats of the American people, NBC dedicated nearly its entire program this evening to how Dubya is going to be reelected. Tim Russert produced a poll that showed (on every question and topic) that Republicans overwhelmingly supported Bush and Democrats overwhelmingly opposed him with independendents running about 50/50. He considered this a positive thing for Bush, for whom "victory seems assured."

Bush was then shown, talking about how he had no time for "politics" and was concentrating on "doing the will of the American people" - words belied by his heavy involvement in his own campaign strategy and execution and his direction of Cheney and others to go forth and further stuff the campaign coffers. Since Mr. Bush has refused to accept campaign contributions from the federal government and be limited in the obscene amount of money he can raise to campaign, he is flying in the face of the spirit of campaign finance reform. Democrats, faced with having to match his war chest are forced to follow suit.

Next, the screen flashed from a segment on space exploration to a segment on immigration to another on homeland security improvement, with the moderator pointing out that the Bush administration has purposely introduced these "positive new items to the agenda" in a "smart move" to court voters for the upcoming election.

We were then treated to a segment showing crowds of young people canvassing and preparing to canvas for Bush in an "unparalleled and well organized campaign", holding banners, bagging promotional miniature footballs, getting signatures and passing out buttons.

1. I do not like to be told how I - or anyone else - will vote in the Presidential election. How dare a major network presume to call an election that is months away.
2. I do not like hearing Oregon and a few other states talked about as though they were desirable, shy little animals that needed to be charmed out of the woods and taught to "see the light" so that they could become a part of the Bush juggernaut.
3. If I see a poll that shows an overwhelming number of Republicans approving of everything Bush and an equally overwhelming number of Democracts opposed, I do not see it as a "victory" for the pResident. What it says to me is that we have a President who is giving 1/2 polled everything they want while thwarting the remaining 1/2, a group which is demographically larger but monetarily weaker.

Bush's past Secretary of the Treasury and his thoughtful book have apparently disappeared so fast from network news after the cut and paste smear campaign by Rumsfeld that he hardly had an opportunity to make his points. I was pleased to find that NPR aired an interview with the author and the past Treasury Secretary this afternoon on radio. I wish everyone could have listened . . . even though Terri tried to draw derogatory conclusions out of the man, he was careful and considerate in everything he said and refused to comment when he did not have what he considered the proper backing for his statements. How refreshing! And how sad. I guess he's lucky he doesn't have a wife involved in espionage or otherwise vulnerable to "outing".

One final ponder . . . Has anyone yet heard Dubya give a coherent or reasonable explanation for wanting to put a base on the moon or go to Mars? Where's the return?
I was wondering about that myself. 14.Jan.2004 19:53


"Has anyone yet heard Dubya give a coherent or reasonable explanation for wanting to put a base on the moon or go to Mars? Where's the return?"

Let me take a stab at this. 2015 and Bush will be long gone. They are talking about producing a bigger replacement for the shuttle. NASA is all dual use now, in other words it's for military purposes. We need some way to get all that shit up into orbit for starwars, but it's not a popular idea around the world so we want to do this under the radar.

What to do, what to do.

I know. Let's say we're going to Mars. We could even have a moonbase. We need those humongous shuttles for that kind of heavy lifting. And while we're waiting and preparing for the Mars Mission, they might as well be using these new shuttles to get all that starwars crap up there.

Then, once we've fucked the planet up enough to make it uninhabitable we'll need to move to Mars. That's the return.

Hey, how much per plate would it cost for a trip to Mars?

Bushism #6,345,901 14.Jan.2004 20:04


I listened to part of his speech today on NPR, and figured i'd share the following statement, proving that the IQ of the pResident, is, in fact, less than that of a dust mite:

"I'd like to also thank those of you who are listening.. uhh.. uhh.. through video"

*shakes head*