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Kucinich Tops Truthout Internet Poll?

t r u t h o u t Poll
Who is your preference for Democratic presidential nominee?
Kucinich 44.5%
Dean 32.4%
Clark 14.6%
t r u t h o u t Poll
Who is your preference for Democratic presidential nominee? (in alphabetical order)

Kucinich 44.5%
Dean 32.4%
Clark 14.6%
Kerry 3.6%
Edwards 2.4%
Sharpton 0.9%
Gephardt 0.7%
Braun 0.6%
Lieberman 0.3%

Total votes: 23804
Poll is Closed


wasn't all the DJK fans being tipped off and arriving late, I don't think... that's pretty much what it looked like from about 12,000 votes on and probably before.
I Conducted my own Poll 14.Jan.2004 19:06


In a poll of my household memebers, 100% of respondants favored Dennis Kucinich for President over all other candidates. While a total of 0% supported Howard Dean, 100% of those surveyed agreed that he stinks worse than spoiled Kim Chi.

Slice of the Pie 14.Jan.2004 20:28

Metal Pancreas

I realize this probably goes without saying, but Pull's poll points to something poignant here: the pool that you pull from is the biggest indicator of the meaning of the poll itself. Now, Pull's housemates were %100 Kucinich. Truthout's was less Kucinich, more other guys (and gal). And then we start moving away (quickly) from these figures, towards the NEWS' polls. Just a little reminder that polls are poor indicators of spreads other than their subjects.

On a different note (and I believe that everyone who posts here non-maliciously is probably all for Kucinich's ideologies)- I'm glad Kucinich is involved in this competition. He is bringing up things that most American's have never even heard, much less thought about. The others have been forced to reckon with some of the things he is saying, that is, when he hasn't been outright glossed by the mediators. I think he's a breath of fresh air in the polluted landscape of politics.

AOL is telling Dean supporters to vote for Kucinich 14.Jan.2004 23:35

I'm serious

I'm totally serious. AOL has this thing set up at www.presidentmatch.com. As crappy as AOL is, it's little survey thing seems to be pretty accurate. Some liberals I know who totally love Dean went to this site, took the survey on some issues, and were then told that the candidate that most closely represented their liberal views was Kucinich. Dean came up something near last. They couldn't believe it. Seems like some Dean supporters don't know their candidate that well.

Tell your Dean lovin friends to take the survey! And tell them that AOL sucks otherwise.

hard to believe this shit, read this quote from the survey 15.Jan.2004 21:17


If you want to find the best candidate for you regardless of [limited two party choice!] party, leave this question blank - otherwise candidates will be excluded from the final results.

Note: Once the primary elections have concluded, we'll add third-party candidates to the guide. [We'd hate to include them up front, because it would make the elite primaries far more progressive if the Democrats and Republican contenders had to compete with Green and Libertarian up front.]

_ Democrat
_ Republican

Funny to use the word "regardless" in that, huh?

In other words, this is far from a survey that is useful from the beginning if they leave out green and libertarian candidates without explanation! The whole thing is rigged as a survey to constrain choice. Hugely central to the email business, AOL is conspiring to keep Americans in the dark until party primaries lock in 'the candidate' for Democratic and Republican parties--without letting people get bled off toward green and libertarian, which would make it harder to manage their elite primaries if Americans actually knew about more options !

I took it and this is what I got:

1 Kucinich Score: 100%