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Activist Media Take on the Primaries

New Hampshire is traditionally regarded as the make-it-or-break-it primary for wannabe presidents. Free Speech TV and Manhattan Neighborhood Network want to give the kids a say.
FSTV and the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) have teamed up to provide an alternative to the corporate media coverage of the New Hampshire Primary. In a live 2-hour show on January 27th, "Primary Day - What Matters?" will utilize a mobile Cyber-bus crew and FSTV anchor Shannon Service to "bird-dog" the campaigners in NH, while simultaneously a live studio show will be broadcast from MNN's headquarters in New York with hosts George Martinez, a professor and activist, and Deepa Fernandez of Free Speech Radio News.

The night will feature spoken word and hip-hop performances while showcasing such holy men as Rev. Sekou, the Kucinich Campaign's Youth Outreach and Hip-hop Coordinator, and Rev. Billy, the eccentric spiritual leader of the anti-consumerist Church of Stop Shopping.

"Young voters constitute one of the most important blocks of voters in the upcoming election," says Shannon Service. Because of this, Service says the program will highlight the concerns and perspectives of young people, and explore how politicians can be held accountable to the under-30 constituency. Other collaborating groups include: the National Hip Hop Organization, the League of Young Voters and Southeast Asian immigrant group Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM). "We'll be looking at the power of hip-hop as one of the most influential cultural movements in the country today," Service says. "And we'll also be talking about environmental justice, prisons, technology, education and immigration."

The show will include earlier coverage of the People's Primary and the award ceremony for MoveOn.org "Bush in 30-Seconds" ad contest that features celebrities ranging from Michael Moore and Al Franken to Chuck "D" and Margaret Cho.

Kicking off a special season of FSTV election coverage, Primary Day - What Matters will be broadcast on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 8 -10 pm eastern.

Nancy McKenna Outreach for FSTV says they are encouraging viewers to organize house parties around the event for a night of political discussion and grassroots organizing, and across the country citizens are hearing the call. Broadcast nationally but produced locally in Boulder, Colorado, FSTV can be found on DISH Network Channel 9415 and part-time on 88 community access cable stations in 23 states. For more information about Primary Day house parties, see  http://www.freespeech.org/fsitv/html/houseparty.shtml.