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government cheney protests

How many people were at the downtown Cheney event?

I haven't seen any report of it on Indymedia and would like to know from the attendees how it was.
Didn't see anything about on Indymedia or mainstream (though, to be honest, the newstations were dying for news that night - so I sort of expected to see something about the BIG downtown event) - hope all you attendees can give me the details.
Surely there were some photogs there - so far all I saw were a few photos of about 10 people.
Please tell me it was more than that.I understand why only 80 or so showed up at the airport - it was really hard to get to and at a very bad time for the working stiffs. And nigh impossible for the average lazy dumbass.
C'mon - I want to hear more about the "BIG" event - surely SOMEONE went to it.
Embassy Suites 14.Jan.2004 22:53

Sierra Club Hypocrite

Nope...didn't go downtown. I was too busy driving my SUV to the Embassy Suites protest site. Then of course I had to get some gas and oil to waste in my portable generator to illuminate the inflatable plastic White House. Boy, was it cold out.

Report Back 15.Jan.2004 08:35

roving reporter

I didn't go to the later event downtown, so I have no idea how that was. But the 12:30 and 1:30 festivities were very small. (So it's funny that some dweeb from the Sierra club keeps posting stuff about how indy "re-directed" the throngs of protesters away from their event.) (It's also funny that they somehow expected a mass of 10,000 to hit the streets when 1) hardly anyone knew about it; 2) only about 3,000 ever show up even for the pretender himself; and 3) the whole community is looking for more effective ways to use their energy than standing in a corral with a sign, waiting for the pigs to come along.)

The event I attended had about 20-25 people. It was very small, but very spirited. A good time was had by all.

I don't think the lack of crowds is representative of a lack of consensus that this administration is illegal, treasonous, and has got to go. Rather, I think it was that this wasn't the time or the place to do anything about it. That will come.