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to find out who has been giving money to that bad bad bad man...

you can search by state, name, individuals, pacs and committees. you can limit the dollar amount. you can go to


and find out where they live!

for the advanced student... 14.Jan.2004 16:11


cross reference!

Thanks for Posting This 14.Jan.2004 17:06


I did a quick local search of donors of $500 or more. I noticed a couple of odd postings in the list. First off, a Mr. Tim Holtz, who had no occupation/employer information available, donated $4000 to Bushco. Now if the individual contribution limit is $2000, how is this possible?

Another one that jumped out at me was a $2000 contribution from E. Giustina, directly followed by ANOTHER $2000 donation from Giustina Land and Timber Co., LLC. These look like illegitimate contributions. Who is the regulator for these contributions?

I wonder how many more of these questionable contributions there are across the country. Maybe enough to track them down and force the Cabal to return the dough?

Lots of apparently illegal cash 14.Jan.2004 21:56

Teddy Ruxpin (the lousy typist)

Check on the FEC website and you run into a hell of a lot of fishy looking contributions to Bush (such as "Bill Doe, Will Doe, William Doe"). All obviously the same guy at the same address (the FEC lists home address, employer and phone number for these folks). Who do we turn this info into so it can be ignored (err, I mean "acted on by the appropriate government agency")?

HE **DIDN'T NEED** A "CAMPAIGN" 15.Jan.2004 01:42

not for 'votes', anyway . . .

Bush in 2004!!!! 18.Jan.2004 23:24


Thank you Bush for helping cleanse the corruption from big business,and for supporting the Hispanic people. Thanks also for your healthy forest initiative, and for your advancements in medicare. I AM SURE ALL THE DEMOCRATS WISH THEY COULD TAKE CREDIT FOR IT. They are still living in the past and can't forget the last election... bitterness and hatred is an ugly thing .. causes people to lie even at the expense of innocent people.