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Channel 6 filming story on Starbucks in Red&Black right now - Vive la indymedia!

As reported here less than 48 hours ago, Starbucks may be planning to open a new store in the Seven Corners district of SE Portland:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/01/278265.shtml

At this moment, Channel 6 is in the Red and Black filming for their own piece about the story. And guess where they heard about it? That's right, here on portland indymedia! Say what you will about "preaching to choir", "censorship", etc., but this indymedia is helping to set the news agenda in Portland these days!
With a campaign like this -- keeping Starbucks out of Seven Corners -- a corporate media story is good because press exposure is the last thing that Urban Works (the local real estate company managing the property and the deal for Starbucks) wants!

HA! 14.Jan.2004 13:13


Ha ha ha ha! I love indymedia.

effectiveness should be the measure 14.Jan.2004 13:25


Proof positive of the effectiveness of indymedia as a tactic has been the numerous corporate media stories following indymedia reports. And this makes sense, if they don't cover events and issues important to the community more people will come here and they lose advertising revenue; but by always following portland indymedia they also highlight that you can get the news first here (and free of advertising). It will be interesting to watch the corporate media change in response to indymedia. Might even be a good article there somewhere...

Where the heck is 7 Corners?? 14.Jan.2004 13:44

Justella in SEPDX

Hard for us to be interested if we don't know WHERE Seven COrners IS! And who exactly is indignant, the other coffeehouses in town?

Coffee is Coffee... 14.Jan.2004 14:04


....and having been at the Red & Black, their coffee is pretty good. And Fair Trade. And probably cheaper than Starbucks - you don't have to pay for a landmark building in Seattle and all the perks. And they serve real food and BEER.

This can be one of the best things for Red & Black - to be visible and to show the neighborhood that it doesn't need a Starbucks - that there's a good Third Place to eat, drink and meet there already.

Establishment Media Poachers 14.Jan.2004 14:25

bitter root

The corporate whore media, responding reflexively to the demands of their $-based metabolisms, involuntarily and voraciously lunging and lurching about for the next "fix", will vacuum up whatever meets the needs for more profit (and dutifully deliver the party line for "access").

Will they credit IMC as a source? Why should they? It's free, it's "open source"! So there's no danger of loosing that source if it isn't credited. And it isn't in the whore medias' interests, as poaching middlemen, to cut themselves out.

What needs to be accomplished, when the establishment whore media poaches on IMC for its own gain and selective establishment propaganda, is that the whore medias' reader, listener and viewerships learn where to find IMC for themselves. If IMC is s story source, it should be credited.

IMC--"Credibility from zero to one hundred percent--and everything in between! Think for yourself!"

re seven corners 14.Jan.2004 14:40


It's just the newscaster's way of trying to sound hip and "in-the-know" by using a regional catch-phrase to specify an area of Portland. Never mind the fact that the locals have never heard of that phrase, it sounds so cool!

SE 21st & Division 14.Jan.2004 15:35


Also, original article, giving location.

SE 21st & Division
SE 21st & Division

Seven Corners 14.Jan.2004 16:02


Seven corners isn't the press' hip name for the neighborhood, its what a number of the local businesses (Red and Black, Mirador, etc) have taken to calling it. I grew up in the neighborhood and that's what we all called it then (1960s) Wynne's Tavern Was the Seven Corners Tavern.

Seven Corners comes from the 7 corners at the intersection of SE Division, 21st Ave, Ladd Street.

They are referring to.. 14.Jan.2004 16:18

7-corners resident

the seven corner's localization initiative.


It is the area just around the Red and Black.

It doesn't just sound cool. it's about local economy, decision-making, culture, and more...

Old Meat-house Ripe 14.Jan.2004 16:20

I live off of Powell and 20th

Old Meat-house on division appears ripe for the picking. They even kept the facades so that any prospective leaser/owner has the original kitcsh value. Well, Starbucks probably means more cars and more smog to an already chokable street-side lifestyle. Red and Black? One of the top 5 cafes in P-town, easy. Worker owned! Better ambiance than most cafes except sometimes the leery customers look at you with the eyes of a lizard when you walk through the door. No offense to kind exceptions! Participate in Community, Media, Gov't (that's right)!!! We need accountability and representation now more than ever!!! How to keep them out? That may prove difficult, but maybe the rest of the neighborhood would agree to protect our local businesses from corporate outsiders, no?

my bad 14.Jan.2004 18:59


Wow, you learn something every day... :)

Remember Seattle 19.Jan.2004 22:21


Starbucks sues Sambuck's Coffeehouse in Astoria 20.Jan.2004 12:20

Sam Buck Lundberg sambucks@charter.net

Re: Survey by Consumer Opinion Services Inc. located at Lloyd Center bottom floor of Sears entrance.

First the person is asked to do a survey after they look at SOME pictures, the person I talked to said the person conduting the survey only showed her ONE picture with a menu off to the side.
Sounds like Starbucks has hired the above firm to do a tainted survey in which the person conducting the survey shows A picture of my store with a list of special drinks and asks what comes to mind when they see this picture. Can anyone confirm this is my menu or Starbucks? (I'm sure there is a Starbucks on the CORNER close by). Take the survey and let me know how you feel.

And by the way I will call Peter Perrin.


Sam Buck Lundberg

(503) 338-5459

starbucks denied 21.Jan.2004 21:26

the nopar king betteristheenemy@hotmail.com

the current article i read about starbucks coming to this side of town made me jump at the chance to say my peace. in april the seattle company , who also own seatlle's best coffee and torrefazione, plans to park itself on the corner of division and 20th. speaking of parking, where do they plan to park? anyway, the willamette week article by nick budnick quotes a starbucks district manager as saying " we're going to go in and be the best community neighbor we can". apparently, the district manager also says that she hopes the opposition will dissipate as people become familiar with starbucks and its policies. therefore i would like to add that there are alot of us who are familiar with the company and its policies and we still don't want their piles of trash and "corporate enhancement".

they donate "day old" pastries to certain organizations because of surplus, not benevolence.

dear editor 22.Jan.2004 05:14


Can you take comment off? Starbuck sues Sambuck's Coffeehouse in Astoria.