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Corraled protestors . . . massed riot police . . . both outnumbering the estimated number of Cheney supporters inside.
I think the Bush administration should start calling the Free Speech Corrals "Cheney-Link Areas".

Seriously, THANK YOU to the 80+ folks who were able to get down to the Embassy Suites at the airport to create a protest presence on behalf of themselves and those of us who had to work and couldn't get away.

I was able to catch some of the coverage around 5 pm and was (not unexpectedly) disgusted by the sight of the small amount of peaceful protestors holding signs, surrounded by chain link fencing far from the building as the camera breathlessly panned to a solid line of riot police standing before the motel. I wonder how much money the Embassy Suites lost this evening if they either couldn't accept any bookings or were unable or unwilling to allow their patrons access to their rooms or the restaurant? Did the Republican Party of Oregon make it worth their while? Probably not, as the "mug and run" event was focused on raising money and nothing else.

The "reporter", who seemed frustrated because there was nothing exciting to report kept hinting that "there has been no trouble yet . . . but if there is, you'll be the first to know!" and "protestors were pushing on the fence, trying to topple it! Riot police were called in!" Not one shot of the Cheney supporters as they arrived or of the building itself.

Is this America?
Pinata Party Pictures 13.Jan.2004 21:26

silly red

Here are some pictures of the cheney pinata beheading that took place earlier today at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

More Pics 13.Jan.2004 21:27

silly red


in a cage 14.Jan.2004 01:19

with sixty smiling faces

is this the future of protests? "free speach cages"
with barbed wire noless!! thats a little irrational i think
if it wasn't for the smiles and my camera i would have wasted my time
and can only say that we need to do so much more than these pittiful attemps at dissent
they have the upper hand in this format
time to start at the roots of our problems
and instead of reacting on their terms starting to focus on our own agendas, and strategize
we need smarter activism