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Protestors, you lost. Give up.

The activist community was bitch-slapped by Bush's last visit, and totally fell apart on Cheney's (so far). You fell for the oldest trick in the book, wandered around miles from the action and generally were a complete embarassment. Dick won, you lost.
How hard is it to figure out the posts "suggesting" downtown demos were written by cops? We all know cops read and post to this site, these posts should have been suspect from the beginning, but so many of you fell for it! Sure, airports are nice as a warm up, as are hotels, but the actual protest ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE AT THE SPEECH. This is the ONLY location that will feature both the VIP and the donors.

Not once was I able to find a speech location for Dick on this site (unless he was actually speaking at the airport rather than just landing there, but we don't seem to know yet).

The Cheney protest appeared at the top of the list mere hours before he landed, because indymedia volunteers slacked off and the list was flooded with reposts (simple tactic: most people only scroll through the first few dozen topic lists, so put lots of seemingly unrelated topics on there after each cheney one to puch them down out of visibility).

The threat of "oh no! They might put us in free speech zones" actually cowed many of you. News flash: you only get put in free speech zones if you LET them put you there, when you out number the cops you get to protest wherever you WANT to.

The threat of "Dick does not care what we have to say, so why bother?" also worked on many of you (this one HAD to be from a cop). Do you think any president has ever cared what the activist community thinks? Read the damn history books, no leader cares but protests work anyway in the long run because they reach the PEOPLE.

---Suggestions from a humble but very pissed off protestor----
1) next time indymedia needs to list the protests and major events at the top a week prior to the event, not ten hours.

2) Always ALWAYS protest at the site of the speech, make the donors get through you and face the embarassment of being seen.

3) Make an easy to read posting for upcoming protests with place and time of speech, expected entrance routes, expected police tactics , sign making partys and jail support numbers. All other postings need to be listed UNDER these important things.

4) make a token effort to root out the cops on this site. I know it's hard, but make an effort.

5) launch a WAP/text message minute by minute update for protest info. Find volunteers to sit well outside the action with maps, TVs and computers so we can keep protestors up to date on locations of cops. (I know this has been done before, but where do we sign up? Put this link on the top too).

Ok, enough ranting and bitching and moaning. As I type this, I am sick in bed hoping to hell the next protest (in about 20 minutes) is better than what has happened so far. Give 'em hell.
teddy ruxpin - you're an idiot 13.Jan.2004 14:59


How can you say that protesters have lost when the speech/fundraiser hasn't even taken place yet. Perhaps you did not scroll down far enough to see that its taking place at the airport embassy suites with a protest at 4:30. Easy to talk big when you're sick in bed, whiner.

more possibilities 13.Jan.2004 15:01


Another option is to protest at the places of work of donors.
But the previous poster is totally right: the location must be connected to what you are protesting.

It would work to coordinate your cell phones and hand-helds using
it allows you to form ad-hoc communication networks- very useful.

But let's not dwell on the problems of the movement. We are in it for the long run and, if we were great at organizing and activism, there wouldn't be any problems in the world. This is what world-changing is about: developing the capacity to rise up!

Better idea 13.Jan.2004 17:23


How about you stop doing reactionary reformist protests since they haven`t accomplished anything in a REALLY long time, and have never accomplished anything revolutionary, as far as I am aware. There are more things to do than protests, you know. You could organize groups that actually do something. Food not bombs, for example. Make capitalism irrelevant. Organizing a rally is playing by their rules. Their rules are set up to make them win. Maybe make some real collectives (no, brewing beer or cooking with your friends every week is not a real collective).

just watched Channel 8's 5:00pm Evening New's 13.Jan.2004 17:23

a bit of disconnect with it

just watched Channel 8's Evening New's (KGW-NBC) and their coverage (such as it is) was brief and
not "news you can use" by any means. a couple of things caught my radar and failed my bullshit de-
tector's scanning!

First, with a very tight up-close pan of the stage, it looked very small place for venue for the Vice-Presi-
dent of the United States of America....tiny little place it was. Then, as the reporter quickly muttered
that there was only expected to be a crowd of LESS THAN 100, it dawned on me that just maybe the
buildup to the protest has scared the shit outta a lot of Rethuglicans, and they dare not show up (will
send in their checks, of course, via Fed-Ex) and it only the most diehard Repubiloonies that got balls
enough to come out? So, PDX.Indymedia can take a loud round of applase their considerable efforts
to spook the crowd away....before they ever gathered too!

Secondly, I noticed that the reporter...the perky gal....that did the "fluff piece" on the "protesters" had a
very brief view shown of the set-aside "protesters", and quite frankly, my impression was that these
are NOT real protesters. What I think they've done is quickly hired some fenceing contractor to come
in and throw up that 3-piece sided fence, and then let their fenceing crew all "act" as "actors" to play
as "if" they are "protesters" and once the panned view is over, then quickly rip down fence and get on
home...with few extra $$$ in pocket as result. I mean, before the fade-away, it looked like a couple of
guys was already starting to take down the fence. Very surreal it was. Make's me wonder if KGW is
now into "foxification" of the new's? If so, it sure was a ham-handed go of it...don't you think?

Cheney The Money Machine 13.Jan.2004 17:46

North Portlander

Yesterday's Oregonian's brief blurb on the Cheney visit said that only 75 donors were anticipated at the speech. Cheney is just breezing through on his way to Seattle. I think the plan was to touch down and scoop up the cash in 4 hours. At least they should not be able to charge the plane, etc. to the taxpayers on this one since it did not involve ANYTHING but fundraising. He has to actually BE here because there are actually deluded idiots who want to pay thousands to get their pictures taken with him before he pops off from another heart attack.

I continue to be irritated by all this campaigning on our nickel. If I were hired to do a job and paid well to do it, I don't think my employer would be very happy if I took a lot of time off to travel around the country and fulfill my own personal agenda. Cheney does not serve only Republican Americans; we are ALL his employers and I don't understand why he is not being held accountable for wasting our time and money when he should be taking care of the country's business.

A More Powerful Protest Idea 13.Jan.2004 18:03


I agree with a previous post about having a different kind of demonstration. We need to do the research and find out what Portland businesspeople are giving money to Bush, then boycott those businesses and stage protests.

Many businesses are on a small profit margin here in Portland where the economy is so bad. Hit them where it really hurts, the wallet. If money is all they care about then hurting their source of money can do real damage. We need to know who they are, and publish a list, even if it takes a lot of work.

Cheney is at 13.Jan.2004 18:34

the following localtion:

Benton Hotel

expected to arrive about 8:30 pm

to cannon: 13.Jan.2004 19:02


cannon, you said: Maybe make some real collectives (no, brewing beer or cooking with your friends every week is not a real collective).


I have to disagree with you there. Small informal collectives, such as are formed through mutually beneficial activities like brewing and cooking teach self-reliance, reduce consumption of corporate products, and allow for comfortable discourse on a variety of topics in the meantime! They build community. They show dedication to cooperative ideals. They promote the sharing of ideas and skills (many of them eminently practical to efforts both "revolutionary" and "mundane").

I believe this is called an "affinity group". And if you don't think a group of friends who work hard to produce top-quality stout, or pad thai, or public art, or books, magazines, posters, clothing, tools, home improvements, bicycles, land stewardship, etc., etc. can't change society from the bottom up through their cooperative, constructive efforts, I am sorry for your apparent lack of trust in all of us.

How can sharing skills and promoting self-reliance not be a collective effort?

Recall the all powerfull Sam Rayburn 13.Jan.2004 20:19

His statment of the worth of the Veep

A pitcher of warm...

Just so you know... 13.Jan.2004 20:33


the downtown gathering was not called by the cops...you people are way too paranoid...which is funny cause Im pretty paranoid but thats just silly. It was real. I was there. It was a word of mouth thing meant to not be posted till the last minute. we danced. there was some noise makers, and I collected a few condoms from the pinata. So quit your bitching about where is the "right" place. I didnt see any of you people in Iraq protesting the war...so get over it. Often times the most successful protests are those that are done in small but many groups simultaneously spread out over many areas. To each there own eh?

Face It, Cheney Protests Of All Kinds Ineffective 13.Jan.2004 20:55


All I know is which protest I saw covered on the evening news: the one at the Embassy Suites. And I doubt we'll see any OREGONIAN coverage of the downtown "celebration" protest in tomorrow's paper. It struck me as a way for people who were unable or unwilling to go to the airport to blow off steam.

Cheney protest in SF 13.Jan.2004 21:32


Was also shitty. The only way to make a diff was to be on the INSIDE and get arrested, as several people did. But it wasn't a fundraiser, it was a talk, so they could get in.

Dancing isn't protesting, as far as I know. Dancing is dancing. Locking down, blocking, etc., are more effective for coverage of dissent. News isn't going to cover a dance party unless cops come and arrest the dancers.

The same shit was pulled down here by Global Exchange et al - they orchestrated the situation to be a 'comedy,' and to 'entertain' the masses, rather than have people really show how they felt and have news media really cover it, people being dragged away, causing a ruckus, etc. Instead, everyone was 'entertained,' while they gave silly chants and listened to speakers from inside the protest pen.

We need to get rid of the big orgs during these types of protests - they basically just put the lid on everything and control the masses that way. My guess is that the police tell them someone might get shot if they don't keep things under control, that it's a different deal when the admin officials are involved.

really folk's, SchoolTeacher is right on this one... 13.Jan.2004 21:45

we've got to hit these Rethuglican's in their pocket books

Honestly, School Teacher has got the only sane idea that's doable and will have lasting and meaningful
affect...we've got to start demonstrations against these petty local Rethuglican's who are in business on
the margin's of this chickenshit economy they've forced the rest of USa to live under....once they're hurt in
their pocket books and their so beloved MONEY is diminished, then maybe they'll get SMART like rest of
USa? This is only meaningful means to EDUCATE them to the realities they rest of USa know and live
under...let's go for it...do it...do it NOW!

Rant 14.Jan.2004 00:42


As for further action, finding the business men who gave Cheney cash today and boycotting (and postering, picketing, graffiti, etc) is a great idea. The FEC website will list all the people that gave cash to Cheney today, as well as their places of employment (it will take a few months to upload though, so we may just want to go with August's donors for now). Let's get a list, and a calender and pick one business at random each week for a week of protests, hate mail, phone calls, pickets and so forth. Make them really miserable, keep the pressure on for a solid week and then move on to the next asshole. Print parking ticket-like notices to inform people exatly which person donated what on which day (imagine their surprise when an 8 month old donation comes back to haunt them!)

Sure, we will never get around to all of them, but we would get enough of them (and enough publicity) that word would spread to the rest. If Indymedia will post the calender as a special link or something, and let us do a poll or something each week to vote on who, this could really work.

We lost? Look's like Bush and Cheney lost 14.Jan.2004 01:01


i went to the cheney thing at the airport. rode the max from pioneer square. froze my ass off like everybody else.

it was interesting to see the police riding the max line. about 8 multnomah county sheriffs, wearing their new, military style fatigues boarded the train car in east portland. throughout the day the cops were alternately shaking down people they thought were protestors for their tickets and then telling people directions to their pen. it seemed like a capitalistic 2004 version of 1937 germany. ('papers, please...')

watching people follow police directions to their protest corral is very surreal. being one of them, for lack of a better plan, is even more surreal.

however, given the scheme of things, i think one has to look at this picture for all that it represents.

i MUCH prefer a protest like the august 22, 2002 visit, where bush, the republican fat cats, and the police were the ones in the pen. that left the entire city for us to do our thing. that was our day. we may not get another one just like it.

the thing is though, that the police, city, and secret service learned their lesson from that experience: under no circumstances will a bush or someone from his white house be allowed to come to the downtown core to extort their millions. from now on, they may only come to places off the main path so that the police state apparatus can establish near-total control of the surroundings.

in fact, it seems that even the university of portland in north portland (site of bush's last visit in august 2003) was too close to town for comfort. this time, dick cheney came to the pdx airport, rode a short 1/2 mile to the hotel, and will fly out with a bunch of money. (actually most of the money is going to the state republican party, or so they say, so gwb can 'defeat' his opponent in oregon in 2004.)

of course, cheney, who is so respected that they won't even let him in TOWN, relies on a phalanx of police state muscle to shield him from his admirers from the moment he arrives until the moment he leaves. and the republican fat cats with the gold jewelry and fatty checkbooks who come to to see him have to be put on charter BUSES in a parking lot far away so that they can pass safely through the police lines to get in.

who are the losers here again?

effective strategy 14.Jan.2004 09:20


Surfer Sam, I completely agree with you. A group of friends working hard to produce something to stop relying on corporations is really the only way to change things. Unfortunately, what I have seen in Portland is groups that originally intend to do this turn into social cliques that do nothing. When I think collective, I think of a group that produces a sizable amount of something. Brewblock, for example, produces very little beer compared to what everyone ends up drinking. ACBC produces very little food. If these collectives are going to work, people have to be dedicated and actually put some time into them. The idea is that you donīt even have a job other than the collective, thus going around capitalism. Iīm not saying that there arenīt real collectives in Portland, just that there arenīt very many.
As for my apparent lack of trust in you all, please, no need to get venemous. I agree with you on what needs to happen, I just donīt think it is happening.

funny 16.Jan.2004 18:20


reading posts like this are so fun... the 'activist' community is so full of wingnut's and self-appointed experts, who often seem to really need to have people listen to them, no matter what 'logic' or 'reality' gets in the way. god bless america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!