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government cheney protests

Airport or Downtown?

Where will Dick Cheney be?
please post info.
Cheney to be at Embassey Suites in NE Portland 13.Jan.2004 06:07


Sometime this afternoon.

Place/Time 13.Jan.2004 07:26

Den Mark

He's SUPPOSED to be at Embassy Suites, on Airport Way, sometime after 4pm. Who REALLY knows. Plus, that hotel is easily blocked off & isolated, as it was last time a protest happened there. The protest wasn't very "there". I myself was just going to go downtown & take a corner, but decided to go to Airport Way & 82nd or Airport Way & 205 off-ramp. Cheney will never see me, or care, no matter where i go. So all i'm looking for is traffic, & to hold up my flags, for nobody in particular. Stay safe & strong, sisters & brothers.

Den Mark, Vancouver

airport it seems 13.Jan.2004 08:23


Not enough interest in downtown march/rally. Might as well show some solidarity with the airport peeps! Most coorporate news is announcing airport embassy suites also. Be safe, see you there.

I say we go to the "dick" 13.Jan.2004 08:35

The purple warrior

I am really disturbed at the "co-intelpro" attempts by pig infiltrators to divide the protestors and marginalize our voices by attempting to pretend that there will be multiple protests in multiple places.

I say we all go to the airport and check it out!
If they try to reder us ineffective at the hotel in some kind of nazi free speech zone, we all jump on the max in solidarity and go back downtown and meet at pioneer courthouse square.

We don't know what they are going to do and we should be flexible enough as an activist community to react to changing circumstances.

AIRPORT 13.Jan.2004 09:31


What a load of crap all this talk of dancing against cheney - you think we are going to be fooled? No way. The airport is WHERE the VP is - take the protest to where the VP is - take it to the Hotel by the airport. I think the cops are working overtime and indymedia volunteers just posted their BS crap about dancing downtown to the newswire too - total BS (in my opinion).

to the airport! 13.Jan.2004 12:13


I'm heading for the airport, 82nd Way via C-Tran & MAX. Have sign, will travel. See you somewhere!