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Cheney Visit Statement

Commentary on Dick Cheney's visit to Portland and a critique of modern society.

Referring to the 'war against terror,' Dick Cheney said 'This is a war that might not end in our lifetime.' Why would someone like 'our' Vice-President gloat over endless war unless he had something to gain? Despite his good-guy rhetoric, Cheney could himself be called a terrorist. As ex-CEO of the giant oil company Halliburton, he profited from the earth-poisoning use of fossil fuels. As a member of the right-wing think tank Project For A New American Century, he endorses the idea of U.S. global dominance. As an insider of global capitalism, Cheney is an example of state terrorism and its business interests in action.

As the poor, people of color, and misguided patriots of the U.S. military continue to kill and die to maintain the occupation of Iraq, Cheney's corporate peers grow richer. Cheney himself still receives a large annual pension from Halliburton, who, along with Bechtel Corporation and others, have been given lucrative contracts for the 'rebuilding' of Iraq. Kellog, Brown & Root, owned by Halliburton, builds and maintains facilities for U.S. troops worldwide, and likely plays a part in the 'privatization' of foreign policy. It's obvious that Iraq is thought of as a conquered territory as well as a new market, no matter the human and ecological cost.

We say no to terrorists like Dick Cheney and to the city that allows him to visit to raise funds for the 2004 election campaign. So long as global injustice, capitalist imperialism and other forms of structural violence create violent reactions from the oppressed, and from those seeking state power, no 'war on terror' will address the root causes of terrorism. We say no to the simplistic viewpoint that Cheney and others in the Bush regime promote—that this is a war of good versus evil.

It is rarely mentioned that, after repeated visits by Bush and now by Cheney, Portland's civic and financial elite are supporting terrorism. Though our whole power structure is complicit in this coercion, the people who would rather not be ruled have their own form of sanctions. We will discredit Cheney, his regime, and the entire society of industrial capitalism. And we add that we have no confidence in the Democratic Party or any other politician. They are examples of the built-in opposition that changes nothing fundamental about our everyday lives. Out with them all!

Portland Subversion 1-04
Dancing and Marching and Singing does NOTHING 13.Jan.2004 08:59

Species Traitor

Dancing and marching and singing in costumes does absolutely NOTHING to stop the insane corporate/governmental power elites. You neohippies and faux anarchists are completely wasting your time. Only wholesale REVOLUTION can topple this regime! Make all the crayon-colored signs and giant Bush puppets you want. Meanwhile, the elites continue to rule your lives and you just let it happen. How many times do you buy a Coke or a McDonald's toadburger or purchase "natural foods" at some chain store? How many chai teas at Starbucks? How many pile into your friend's old gas-guzzling Jeep to get to the march? How many use cell phones or watch cable TV(supporting the media elites)? HYPOCRITES! Stop chanting your fake new age mantras, ripping off ethnic religions, smoking dope and otherwise generally anesthetizing yourselves to what is reall going on: a war against the poor that must be fought with weapons of our own mass destruction!

lighten up 13.Jan.2004 10:38


hey, species traitor, lighten up man. where's the harm in crayon posters? sounds like you're advocating violence, which is exactly what "they" want. an excuse to crack down completely.

................ 13.Jan.2004 10:59


although i dont fully agree with what species traitor said i do think he brought up a good point. we really need to stop being hypocrites. i mean we bash on all these evil coroporations so much, and then we go and support them. i think its sick.

who's "we"? 13.Jan.2004 12:00

species lover

If I feel that I am being a hypocrite I will stop; if you feel you are being a hypocrite you should consider stopping. However, I will not stoop to making blanket assumptions about people nor telling others how to live. If species traitor's goal was actually to create change (which from the tone, I doubt) that statement, in my opinion, is ineffective. I have found the most effective way to get people to consider my opinions is to tell people how I live, and why, and why it makes me happy, satisfied, and content. That way you encourage others to find a better way to live not attack them for not living up your standards which only serves to push people away and close their minds. Of course, people need to consider the effectiveness of their actions but everyone I know already does that, though they often reach different conclusions. And who's to say whether singing and dancing is not effective? Is it you? Or is it those who are singing and dancing. Those taking action always have a better sense of the effectiveness of that action than those standing idle by, or those waiting for "the real revolution". A revolution does not have to be about a violence, power, and struggle; it can simply be about changed minds and changed lifestyles.

Cowbell is right here on "them" wanting an excuse to crack 13.Jan.2004 12:05

down completely

for then we'd get see, what we old-timer's in construction called, "the lifting of the skirt"...we'd get to see
"if" our old Mayoress has a neo-Fascist Dick hidden away underneath all that old matron's garb or not,
wouldn't we, "if" her PoPo's were given excuse to crack down? So, shall we meekly play along with the
"game" or shall we play "let's lift the skirt and see what ya got?"...is it a Big Dick (day) or not? Simple!

today's plan 13.Jan.2004 12:07

Emma Goldman akaangelkelly@yahoo.com


Code Pink Plan of Action: Performance Art

I think the thing to do is to dress pink and take the Max, talking to people
about what's happening today in Portland, and what they can do about it to
show their outrage. THAT is the point of riding the Max there, the audience!

If we never do find Chaney, all the better! Let's play "Where's Cheney?"

Or whatever!!!!

Designate a meeting spot and tell your all friends!
Tell me when and here to meet you and I'll be there!


revolution 16.Jan.2004 18:40



another word for revolution, alhtough not nearly emotional, is change. when was the last time you changed anything about yourself?
your belief's, your dogma's, your views? your right. people who shop at the mall and drive suv's might benefit from changing a bit and going to food not bombs, or at least walking and cooking at home. but is it POSSIBLE that those of us with such RIGID dogmas against 'american culture' might benefit from checking it out a bit. Hey ANGRY punk kid! go to the mall and try to have fun. smile at people. they need it.
hey self-rightious vegan! go sit inside burger king and hang out a bit. maybe even get a burger, and be greatful for the experience. your body is strong (especially if your so health conscious!) and it's not gonna kill you. but you might learn how to relate to those 'masses' you (we) love to talk about.
do we seperate ouselvesfrom mass generic culture to create a better world, or just to make another self-rightious click,perhaps cuz we never fit in to any other clicks in the past?

maybe we can help bring forth 'change' by working on constantly changing and re-defining ourselves, not tweaking it a bit and then being satisfied and comfortable...



To Species Traitor & others 19.Jan.2004 18:28

Author of Comment

Species Traitor,

I don't know how well you read the statement by Portland Subversion, but it is oriented towards revolution, and says nothing about dancing and puppets being a foolproof method of combating our social context. Diversity of tactics is important. If you are going to do some personal action that you think contributes to the downfall of the corporate/state elite, then do so. But let others try to reach out in the ways they see fit, especially if they are not calling upon some political representative to change things for them.
Species treason and treason against capitalist/authoritarian society can be complimentary. Your suggestions that those who attended the small "Dance Against Dick" are going to buy McDonalds food and otherwise head to companies that they otherwise protest is most likely just plain wrong, and stereotypical rhetoric. I don't think most of those who showed up at the small pinata/march are thinking of themselves as liberals, neo-hippies, etc so your accusation of ripping off new age mantras and such is also off base.
Turn your anger towards better targets and you will sound less like a dogmatic arsehole critic.