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Unknown pranksters hijack burger king drive-through radio frequency!

An excellent prank (or more!)... sure gives me a lot of ideas, how about you?
Here is an excerpt from the article:
TROY, Mich. -- Police believe one or two young men, possibly teenagers, are responsible for issuing obscenities and insults to customers at a Troy Burger King drive-through window.

"You don't need a couple of Whoppers. You are too fat. Pull ahead," Officer Gerry Scherlink said is an example of what the hackers are telling customers at the drive-through speaker.

The men are reportedly tapping into the wireless frequency at the restaurant located at 14 Mile and John R roads. Police believe the culprits are watching and broadcasting from close range.

The pranks began last week and continued until Tuesday, according to a Local 4 report. They reportedly occurred around 3 p.m.

Scherlinck said the men are telling customers who order a Coca-Cola that, "We don't have Coke." And when the customer asks what they do have, the hacker would say," We don't have anything. Pull ahead." [ . . . ]

The full report.
already posted 10 stories down 12.Jan.2004 03:24

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excellent 12.Jan.2004 08:11


I like this, but instead of insults, I think it would be better to try to educate. Insulting people only hurts, does not help at all. "Does Mad Cow disease mean anything to you?" "Coke kills"...stuff like that.....I know the creative community could come up with some good things to say!

hehe... crazy kids 12.Jan.2004 22:34

ex deus

you can do this by scanning for the broadcast channel, then locking in and transmitting with a relatively cheap handheld "ham radio" unit.
Almost any ham radio equipment out there has a stronger transmitting signal than the drive-through channel (only has to go from headset to speaker), so it's possible to "wardrive" (or cycle, hehe) fast food joints with impunity. Adding an antenna to your transportation increases visibility, but also range.
and no, I'm not just talking out my you-know-what... I misspent(?) much time in high school daze doing just what this article describes (hey Emo!) easy easy easy.

This rocks! 13.Jan.2004 13:08

The Paisley Pirate

This is excellent! These PA systems are so simple(at least some of them are not radios, just PA's) that almost any strong transmitter signal can be picked up by them. Ever have a guitar amp pick up a radio station? Well, this is basicly the same thing-you get close, and let 'er rip!

If its an actual low-powered radio, its even easier because now the high power/audio stage rectification system described above works, and so does finding their frequency and using a stronger(by 5-10X) transmitter. Since their system(if using a radio transmitter at all) would not likely be more than the Part 15 limit of 100 mw or so, a 1 watt, two-transistor rig would now be enough!

Here's an idea: Voice one: Our beef is perfectly safe to eat
Voice two: Think that's a whopper?