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On the Arrest of Journalist Mowafiq Mahadeen

A copy of this message has been sent to the Hashemite embassy in Washington DC. Please forward on!


We have been outraged yet again by the arrest of a Jordanian journalist with great credibility by the Hashemite authorities in Jordan.

This, while Jordanian television has broadcast to us day and night how the ceiling for political freedom has been raised by the King and the new elected government which allows greater liberty in freedom of _expression.

Mowafaq Mahadeen is one of the latest causalities of this "relaxation" on political _expression in Jordan.

Mowafaq is a journalist with great credibility and known for his positions against the occupation of Iraq and for the Palestinian cause.

He has been arrested and is awaiting the resolution of charges filed against him by the government in Jordan, for simply defending the position of millions of ordinary Arab citizens who share his views.

In solidarity with the brave pen of Mowafaq Mahadeen!!

التجمع الإشتراكى العربى فى أمريكا الشمالية
Socialist Arab Coalition in North America
For A Socialist Future
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