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Recent Assasignation Threats

This evening about 45 minutes ago, on roughly 28th and Holgate, a man across the street got out of a large tanish brown truck pointed a gun at me across the street, rather suddenly as if to shoot it.

I jumped to the ground and crawled into the bushes and waited it out. The man with the gun began laughing loudly after a considerable period of time. Then he got back into his truck and the truck left. The man pointing the gun was on the passenger side when he had the gun pointed at me, leading me to believe he was not the driver, but I quickly went to around the side of a building to get out of the line of fire, and did not see the truck leave, only heard it. The truck was driving around slowly and it went by my line of sight without seeing me going various direction a few times between Holgate and Powell.
I do not bring this up as alarmism, or with an group or individual being accused, and only do so for the basis of historic documentation and as a diversionary tactic.

Also for comrade who have been trying to reach the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network e-mail at  anti_imperialist_solidarity@ziplip.com , Ziplip, without notice has sealed off our access to the account costing us great losses in Co-ordination. If you would like to reach us, we can be reached at  iraqiresistancesolidarity@yahoo.com, though this is not a secure account.


John Paul Cupp


"Love the people, serve them and become a part of them."--Leila Khaled ('My People Shall Live')