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imperialism & war cheney protests

What to make signs for Cheney protest?

What: time/space for Cheney protest sign making
Where:Cascadia Rising Info Shop 1540 SE Clinton
Time: 3-8 PM
Phone #:503 2414879
So, Hopefully everyone knows the evil and infamous DICK Cheney is coming to the Embassy Hotel (near the airport) on Tues Jan. 13. and a (imagine this) protest has been organized to show him how we feel about his actions. At the protest we hope to have lots of people and those people are going to need signs that clearly tell what what we think. Thus a space and time has been set up to make those signs. Please come down to the Cascadia Rising Info shop (1540 SE Clinton) on Mon. Jan. 12 between the hours of 3 and 8 PM and help make a sign. Hope to see ya there. Free tea wil be offered.

phone: phone: 5032414879
address: address: 1540 SE Clinton

Dick doesn't care 11.Jan.2004 23:17

knock knock

With all due respect for your good intentions, why are you doing this?

I don't mean to hurt your feelings but please understand that DICK DOES NOT CARE AT ALL about what you feel or think, not one tiny little bit. So, why are you wasting your time and energy on him? There are so many things that you could do to help bring about real change.

Your creativity is NEEDED to help teach people that alternatives to DICK exist and there are people who are practicing those alternative solutions right now. Please concider volunteering your time and energy to local community gardens, homeless shelters, or renewable energy workshops.

There are people who are looking for alternatives who are just waking up to the fact that something is wrong. These people need you. They care about what you have to say. Together we can create living examples of what can be done. Waving signs at DICK is not going to change anything, helping each other to get off the grid will change everything.

challenge power 12.Jan.2004 09:44

riot grrl

getting people off the grid slowly, and creating hippie eco-villages is lovely.
it does nothing to challenge the power structure and white supremacy therein.
the importance of these types of symbolic protests have been articulated by
resistance movements worldwide. it is lazy and irresponsible to allow bush or
cheney to swoop down and collect wads of cash, bloodied through exploitiation of
human beings world wide, and not make a sound. this is not an isolated act
of resistance. on the contrary, the real work is being done every day, on many levels. some
of that work is legal aid to political prisoners, anti-recritiment work in communities targeted
by the poverty draft, creating alternative forms of media, monetarily supporting resistance
movements world wide, etc.
if all that people do is build little cob houses in their isolated communities - they can pat themselves
on the back and participate in the group ohm - but the massacres worldwide
will continue, and people on our own streets here in portland, will still not be able
to sleep without being criminalized.